State sends message in tunnel of bottles: Please recycle plastic

  • Article by: DEE DePASS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 25, 2012 - 8:43 AM
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smarterthanuAug. 24, 1210:02 PM

I would really like to recycle but now is not a good time in this economic climate.

donm251Aug. 24, 1210:31 PM

Minnesota started recycling back in 1990, well before California even thought of it. I recycle 75% and trash the rest. This is not a republican or democrat issue, it's a matter or common sense.

mrhandsAug. 25, 1212:01 AM

With such a liberal state politically you would think rates would be higher. Doesnt make sense at all. I recycle as much as they are willing to collect in my area.

trishtennysoAug. 25, 1212:17 AM

When would be a good time?

arspartzAug. 25, 1212:17 AM

Incineration, the ultimate recycling. Return the Carbon to the carbon cycle.

TimRulesAug. 25, 1212:22 AM

smarterthanu -- recycling creates jobs, 15,000 + in Minnesota alone according to the report. It's also a cheaper option than disposing of recyclable items as garbage. So, how is this not the ideal time to recycle more?

mn1nativeAug. 25, 12 1:23 AM

What would help with recycling numbers is not having to sort recycling and educating people on recycling myths. My dad washes out glass jars and removes labels before recycling them in Minneapolis and I'm not sure that is needed. Also, thanks for properly calling it a pop can and not a soda can.

asmithe2Aug. 25, 12 2:42 AM

In Iowa, they recycle 90 percent of their beverage containers. In Michigan, it's closer to 95 percent? What's the one difference? Bottle deposit laws. The legislation is being discussed, but as long as Coke and Pepsi, and their mouthpiece, former Republican Rep. Tim Wilkin oppose it, there is no chance it will see the light of a committee hearing, let alone a floor vote. We can get serious about this. Or we can let Coke keep putting up a handful of cute recycling containers a year and pretend we are making progress. The choice is ours. Tell your legislator that it is time for a bottle bill!

mnmaidAug. 25, 12 7:14 AM

I'm glad they're making a bigger point of the need for the materials for manufacturers, rather than the environment, otherwise you'd get the climate change deniers out saying that there's no need to do ANYTHING for the environment. It isn't always about the environment, Stupid! Sometimes it actually is about jobs and the economy!

sarahlaabsAug. 25, 12 7:23 AM

Making recycling containers available in public areas would help. I've seen a few gas stations with recycling containers, but not enough--many people clean beverage containers out of the car while pumping gas. Also, while eating at the Eden Prairie Mall food court I've been forced to throw away recycleables due to NO containers and not wanting to carry around an empty pop can that could drip. I don't understand why public places don't make it easy to recycle by having containers right alongside garbage cans.


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