Meter expiring on old-time parking enforcement

  • Article by: MAYA RAO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 21, 2012 - 9:59 PM

Minneapolis is getting high-tech devices expected to help increase enforcement - and revenue.

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ThegonagleAug. 22, 12 1:54 AM

Sounds great. Now, how about better, clearer signage indicating no parking times and enforcement hours. Right now, in front of one address in the warehouse district, there are three separate signs for three different spans of no parking hours, and another tiny one on the number pole (the former meter pole) with the hours during you must pay. It's kind of ridiculous that one needs to read four different signs to know when to park for free, when to pay, and when not to park at all. Cleaning this up and making the signage more consistent would go a ways toward making downtown Minneapolis as user/visitor friendly as it tries to be. It would be good for business.

dnqualyAug. 22, 12 3:54 AM

WOW!! What a great way to drive business AWAY from local businesses! Just the other night, I was ticketed at 10:04pm on Lake Harriet Parkway by a MPLS Pork Policeman. He gave the ticket to me, not my windshield. The bandstand there is one more business that will not receive my business because I don't want to go anywhere near there if this is the way it's gonna be. And people wonder why St. Anthony Main has been dead for years?? Way to go, MPLS. Smart thinking! Deter everyone from going anywhere because every time they park somewhere to go and HAVE A LIFE, they get a $40 ticket. That's good business, right?

ryanjcoleAug. 22, 12 7:36 AM

I love it! Whatever it takes to keep the property taxes lower is good for me - but I have one request: Make the noise the meter makes when it can't get a payment louder.

reader2580Aug. 22, 12 8:20 AM

Pay the meter and you won't get a ticket! Pretty simple. No meters in the city would mean no place to park pn the street. Downtown workers would take every available space all day long if parking was free.

rickbmnAug. 22, 12 9:20 AM

Gotta love the cities. Spend $100K to write $30 parking tickets. Face it: All they want is more revenue. Police departments are being used as the modern-day tax collectors. I am so glad I moved out of Mpls nearly 40 years ago. I only go to Mpls when I absolutely have to. And thank goodness that isn't often.

urabutndAug. 22, 12 9:28 AM

I like that you can pay for parking on the new meters using a credit card. What I dislike is that it's now impossible to find a meter that has time left over from someone else (remember the joy of finding a meter where the person before you had overpaid so you got 20 free minutes?). Also, if you pay for 20 minutes, then decide maybe you need 40 minutes, you can just add another 20 minutes (like you could before). You have to pay for an all new 40 minutes because as soon as you put in more money, your time starts over. Basically, we're getting soaked. The city can charge us twice for time that was already paid for. Not cool.

suefranpatAug. 22, 1210:28 AM

Yes, rickbmn, we get it - you hate Minneapolis. It's your unrelenting and tired diatribe. And yet, you continue to read the Minneapolis newspaper. Your "town" probably doesn't have a newspaper, or at least not one that actually covers news. Get.Over.Yourself.

reader15Aug. 22, 1210:46 AM

It would be nice if many metered spaces near government buildings weren't constantly occupied by government vehicles from other cites, the county, the state and federal agencies. Minneapolis loses parking revenue with all the "official business" parking. These aren't even marked emergency vehicles but government employess driving to work to downtown buildings.

jamue11eAug. 22, 1210:55 AM

dnqualy: If you are there, talking to the officer, yeah, they will hand it to you. If they tried to put it on your windshield, you'd complain about them touching your car in front of you too. I don't understand what is so difficult to grasp about feeding the meter BEFORE it expires. The traffic control officers job is to search out expired meters. Don't blame them for doing their job.

johnbaranickAug. 22, 1211:00 AM

I don't mind the new boxes so much, but what I do mind is that it seems that every last "meter-able" nook and cranny is now a metered spot--and enforced until 10pm. I can see enforcing until 6pm so, like others have said, so cars aren't taking up all the spots all day, every day; but after 6pm? Take the St. Anthony Main area. Go for dinner at 7pm. Dozens of open parking spots---but all paid parking enforceable until 10pm. Certainly leaves a bad taste in one's mouth, and lessens the likelihood of a return visit.


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