Pigs are staying at State Fair

  • Article by: MAURA LERNER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 22, 2012 - 11:11 AM

State health officials cite the low risk from new flu virus and CDC review. Warnings might get tweaked.

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evldedAug. 21, 1212:58 PM

I'm a city-dweller with good reason. I'm not about to wander into a barn with 100's of stinky animals just so I can gawk at them in between something-on-a-stick stand visits.

ginny6Aug. 21, 12 1:11 PM

The swine should be kept out of fairs this year. The risk of the virus getting into humans and changing is too great. Then we'd really be in trouble.

StarquestAug. 21, 12 1:19 PM

Unfortunately, hand-washing won't help you. The flu is a respiratory (airborne) risk. You can scrub the skin right off your hands and it will not change the virus's infectious abilities; it's inhaled.

nointentionAug. 21, 12 1:48 PM

Well let's keep our fingers crossed that a) no one at the MN State Fair comes down with this new strain of swine flu and b) it does not spread person to person. Evolution cannot be undone. And if it doesn't happen here, it may somewhere else, or it will down the road. Staying one step ahead of viruses is not realistic in our world.

sharblaz1Aug. 21, 12 2:20 PM

I guess the fair can afford the law suit after someone contracts the virus.

ceegeeAug. 21, 12 3:02 PM

Wasn’t it Joe Biden who said a few years ago we shouldn’t go on planes and trains due to the swine flu? And to think that Joe and his recently appointed handlers are in town today! Maybe we can get Joe’s comments about swine flu at the State Fair!

piggirlAug. 21, 12 3:07 PM

I am a farm girl, one that has pigs at the State Fair and one that visits all the barns each State Fair. This strain of flu is just that....a flu! If you or your family have concerns, please take a year off from visiting the barn this year. Also know, that you have the same chance of getting ANY flu virus from ANYWHERE...school, bus stops, bathroom door handles, etc. Best of luck to all those youth around the state that have worked hard on there swine projects this year and have earned a trip to the State Fair! "State health officials emphasized that this strain does not pose any food safety risk — there's no evidence anyone can get it by eating pork. The illness also tends to be relatively mild. Hospitalization rates have been relatively low. But they pointed out that this year's regular seasonal flu vaccine will not protect against the strain, which is known as variant H3N2 (H3N2v). They also stressed that there's no reason to discourage anyone from visiting the upcoming Minnesota State Fair, county fairs, live animal markets or other venues where pigs may be present." Use your best judgement public! I for one will be at the State Fair multiple days this year!!

dewaltAug. 21, 12 3:10 PM

These comments crack me up..haha..lets do the first thing that comes to mind... PANIC. I suppose I should worry about a lawsuit if I have a cold and give it to a coworker....thats the problem with this nation these days, everyone wants to sue someone else. You take a chance with getting sick or hit by a car everytime you step outside your house. Did you read the article, only a handful of cases have happened by walking through the barns at other fairs, whos to say they were not getting sick prior to walking through...bottom line don't go in the barn if it worries you.

Mister_EAug. 21, 12 3:25 PM

Minnesota's very own Cassandra - Mike Osterholm - forecasts again. But we're all still recovering from the last flu pandemic, infected meat, pathogen-loded produce et al to pay attention to him. Had we listened to his many cries of"sky is falling" we could have saved 100s.

boshkAug. 21, 12 4:26 PM

if everyone didnt use purel every 15 seconds, we wouldnt have anything to worry about because they would have a good immune system.


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