Editorial: Missouri's Akin should drop out of race

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  • Updated: August 21, 2012 - 9:24 PM

Congress is no place for a representative who calls some rapes “legitimate,” nor a man who ignorantly claims that female body has ways to prevent pregnancy from rape.

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kleindropperAug. 21, 1211:31 AM

Meanwhile the Democrat Keynote speaker is a man accused of multiple sexual assaults (Bill Clinton.) - ref: Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky

daveaz555Aug. 21, 1211:34 AM

I heard on the radio this morning interviews with supporters in Missouri, and they still support him because they said that the news media is at fault. If these people exist (and I know they do, based on support for Michelle Bachman), we truly are lost.

mmcfetrAug. 21, 1211:35 AM

Akin should also be removed from the House Science and Technology Committee. Clearly not qualified for that position.

ginny6Aug. 21, 1211:43 AM

I would like him to stay in--so the country can be repeatedly reminded of what the Republican party has become.

palsarAug. 21, 1211:44 AM

While your at it, why don't you ask the DFL'er from Duluth to quit, he had sex with a 17 year old boy.

cathycroweAug. 21, 1211:49 AM

I completely agree with your commentary. However, if Rep. Akin can not be in Congress with his extreme views neither can 3/4 of the Republican Congressman. Mr. Akin just said out loud what most of them think,including the VP nominee Congressman Ryan. They both signed a bill for Personhood and used the term "forcible rape." There is no space between Ryan or Akin, except Ryan will only speak in "quiet rooms."

cathycroweAug. 21, 1211:51 AM

Bill Clinton had affairs, not assaults. Consensual sex between 2 people of legal age is not assault.

Uncle_SquidAug. 21, 1212:10 PM

cathycrowe says: "Consensual sex between 2 people of legal age is not assault." But what if the woman changes her mind the next day, and accuses her partner of rape? Would you classify that as "legitimate" rape? Would you denounce yourself for doing so?

Uncle_SquidAug. 21, 1212:14 PM

This editorial board knows perfectly well that Akin was never trying to legitimize rape. There is a difference between violent sexual assaults, versus morning-after recriminations leading to after-the-fact accusations. This newspaper should shine a light on the arguments, and not twist other people's words in an effort to score political points. The editors engaging in this sort of narrative spin are no more worthy of their position than they claim Akin is of his.

beebee82Aug. 21, 1212:16 PM

It shouldn't matter what your views on abortion or rape are — this man has clearly shown he lacks the mental capacity to be in a leadership position with his talk of the magical female anti-pregnancy trick.


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