Marriage fight divides state's Catholics

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 18, 2012 - 7:07 PM

Those who oppose the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage are organizing, putting them at odds with bishops.

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goferfanzAug. 18, 1211:30 PM

Really, 20 Catholics? It really seems not to be a divisive issue for the vast majority of Catholics. To portray this as some great angst to the majority of the Church's flock is really bad journalism. Or at least bad headline writing. If anything, it's a unifying issue for most Catholics, as is the fight for religious freedom under Obamacare.

sarahanneAug. 18, 1211:43 PM

So the Catholic church is spending $500,000 to support an amendment that either way will not allow a single same sex couple to get married? All this amendment does is tell future generations that we know what is best for you. And we are scared that you will think that is an irrelevant issue.

comradeAug. 18, 1211:49 PM

This story is a perfect example of a media outlet trying to convince everyone that the Catholic church is "divided" and that the acceptance by the church of the media favored viewpoint is inevitable. So what if a few hundred so called Catholics showed up at Loring Park and sang songs. There are a few hundred thousand Catholics in this state that believe church doctrine on homosexuality and have no trouble with supporting the church. Those make up their own rules type Catholics who oppose church doctrine should leave the church instead of arrogantly demanding that church teachings thousands of years old should be scrapped because they say so. Really, just go form your own church if you can't adhere to the rules of the Catholic church. Or join a church that matches your beliefs instead.

Verita_e_paceAug. 19, 1212:02 AM

I am finding it harder and harder to remain Catholic and to support a church that uses our money to promote placing discrimination in our Constitution instead of helping the poor and the weak as they are charged to do. There is nothing Christian nor American about the Catholic Church's stance on this issue. We now know that people are born homosexual. If we believe that God created all people,which the Church teaches, then we have no right to judge His creations nor to expect someone to be different than the way God made him or her. It feels as if the members of the Church must decide whether they are Catholic or Christian. What a terrible position for the Church to put its members in--the Bishops and all clergy are men. History has proven they are not infallible men. I am very sad and disappointed; I will follow the 2nd greatest commandment to "love my neighbor as myself" and vote my concscience. I will vote NO.

baikonurAug. 19, 1212:07 AM

I'm very skeptical of there being a "divide" among Catholics who are for or against same-sex marriage. Rather, given Catholic teaching on the subject and the biblical mandate against homosexual behavior, the Catholics who support gay marriage are most likely small in number and, thus, are in no way representative of what the vast majority of Catholics believe about marriage. Indeed, this article appears consistent with an editorial masquerading as "news." to mislead readers into thinking that the subject of homosexuality is actually open to legitimate religious debate. In other words, it's a tactic just like another one whereby gay activists and proponents of gay marriage purposefully confuse homosexuality with a natural and immutable condition, such as race and gender. Unlike the latter two traits, the former one begins with a behavioral urge, over which the person typically perceives as having little to no control. However, what the person can control is whether to act on the urge or not and engage in the behavior or not. (1) Thus, homosexuality is no different than every other behavioral urge, the manifestation of which - behavior - is governed by laws passed by the people or their representatives and not by judgments tyrannically imposed by agenda-driven courts. (1) Laws, in turn, must be based on objective facts and not the whims of agenda-driven politicians or activists, since it always leads to bad laws. Facts counteract this negative result because they indicate the need for the law and are not influenced by the desires of a particular group. For homosexual behavior, the facts are clear and irrefutable. They show that same-sex behavior is subject to an elevated risk of bodily damage and disease and that the urge for the behavior is influenced, in part and in differing degrees by, cultural and social factors. Same-sex marriage would be such an influencing factor, which is why marriage must be limited to one man and one woman. (1) (1) "The Case for Limiting Government Recognition to Traditional Relationships," an essay summarizing the science and listing the peer-reviewed references on why marriage must remain between one man and one woman.

metoo7Aug. 19, 1212:14 AM

The silliness continues on the part of journalists, gay or straight. The Catholic Church is not now, nor has it ever been a democracy. It is a church of canon law with moral instruction for its adherents. At the point where a member of the church parts ways with this law they are little more than a Catholic in name only.

vikegregAug. 19, 1212:17 AM

I am Catholic and do not support this bigot agenda that the republicans have put forth.

vikingrob2Aug. 19, 1212:32 AM

And this article helps explain the corrosive nature of a mixture of religion and politics.

tallpamAug. 19, 1212:35 AM

It is really interesting to see how many people are looking for a divide in the Catholic Church. For years, unions have told their people how to vote. This is no different. I respect that the union or the church or the newspaper or whom ever wants to encourage me to vote a particular way. I became a Catholic by choice as an adult. I have prayed and will continue to do so on these issues. I do understand the church has a position as does General Mills, imagine that! I will vote my conscious, not what the church or the union or the cereal company tells me. Of course it will be the same as some of those mentioned yet voting for what is right just shows me I should also pray that the church will someday stop having a position that does not follow Jesus' teaching,"Love one another as I have loved you."

ThereseVBAug. 19, 1212:53 AM

I am Catholic; this issue is about the legal~constitutional ability of same sex couples to marry. NO ONE is telling the Catholic Church, or any other for that matter, that they have to officiate over same sex marriages.


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