Chris Christie's 'Jersey comeback' suffers setback

  • Article by: Aaron Blake , Washington Post
  • Updated: August 18, 2012 - 8:39 AM

He landed a plum speaking role at this month's Republican National Convention.

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LiberalOne46Aug. 18, 12 1:31 PM

Because democrats gave Christie no credit for the Jersey comeback, I am certain that won't blame him for the recent setback.

nycjake10010Aug. 18, 12 1:33 PM

Governor Christie's lack of emotional control disqualifies him as a serious candidate for President of the United States. Just like his lack of control of food, he also has no control over what comes out of his mouth.

hobie2Aug. 18, 12 3:00 PM

No surprise there - since Reagan, the GOP's back-door-fix plans bear quick fruit, and then crash so badly that it would have been far far better to do nothing... "Trickle down" will cut debt, S&L freed to be "competitive" and that fiasco, the "war on drugs", local education switching to conservative policies, Bush banking reform early in his first term and the bailout 9 years later, tax cuts to make jobs ad nauseum in the last 10 years (although that one really didn't even bear fruit at all), spend and borrow that ballooned the debts of states - the list goes on. We need fixes that last - not the modern GOP's "see, theory in place this week - problem fixed". No surprise that his theories fail the test of time, like all of the modern GOP's simple minded theories.

gimbelAug. 18, 12 3:15 PM

Christie is a classless, dangerously obese bully. That the people of New Jersey like him is a poor reflection on them and their state.

endothermAug. 18, 12 4:34 PM

The so-called Jersey come back was always mostly cosmetic. It was shallow and came with a lot of Republican hype, but it didn't really help many people. Now that it is going sour, expect Republicans to ignore New Jersey completely and to start looking around for some other model to support their economic ideology (Texas oil country, North Dakota, Estonia, wherever). And as soon as these places get into trouble, they will also be ignored. They're looking for media hype and campaign slogans, not real solutions. They try to sell us on their magic "the rich will save us" theories, they pile up money at our expense, and then they just shift to a different formula of snake oil once the first one is revealed as a fraud.

pdxtranAug. 18, 12 7:58 PM

Conservative economics is deceptive. It creates a boom initially, but then comes the crash, as countries like Ireland, Iceland, and Latvia found out and as Britain is finding out now. (It enjoyed a temporary surge in employment due to the Olympics, but those jobs are going away.)

gcrileyAug. 18, 12 8:25 PM

They try to sell us on their magic "the rich will save us" theories, they pile up money at our expense, and then they just shift to a different formula of snake oil once the first one is revealed as a fraud. -----You do realize when they say save us, the GOP is talking about themselves not the rest of us.

fursideAug. 19, 12 9:13 AM

Republicans cannot govern. Austerity does not work. How much longer are we suppose to pretend the Reagan experiment was anything but a failure? Are we to continue on this disastrous path forever, so that the wealthy benefactors of Reaganonmics can continue to concentrate their wealth and its low information supporters do not benefit will not have to admit that they have been lied to by FOX and Rush? Christie’s "charisma" is a network and cable news creation because of ratings and freak show interest like a five legged, two headed calf at the State Fair. Neither Christie’s (right-wing) policies nor the calf will survive for long for the same reason. Function!

whallingAug. 19, 1212:37 PM

Christie has achieved amazing things in NJ. He has reduced taxes, cut spending, fought off the public sector unions to aid taxpayers and put the taxpayers back in charge. In MN we have a governor that would raise taxes, give public sector unions anything they want and spend taxpayer dollars wastefully. Wish we had a Christie here.

ffedericoAug. 19, 12 1:20 PM

Christie has done a much better job as Gov of NJ than the corrupt John Corzine would have done. The states with the highest unemployment rates are Democratic- NY, RI, CA, MI, IL...


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