Dennis Anderson: Wolf activist strikes up aggressive campaign

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 18, 2012 - 6:46 PM

An interview about the planned hunting and trapping season in Minnesota was contentious at times.

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jenpavAug. 18, 12 7:19 PM

I find it interesting that Dennis Anderson didn't respond to any of Dr. Hackett's questions. We don't need a wolf hunt to manage the population. Those whose families and livestock are threatened by wolves already have the right to kill them. The DNR is not required to have a hunt and the head of the DNR is a coward for not responding to legitimate concerns about preserving wolves. Wolves are not a food source for us. Randomly hunting them will not necessarily get rid of "problem" wolves. Trapping is especially cruel. I do not want to see mangled, murdered wolves displayed on people's cars this fall. Dr. Hackett makes some excellent points. What it comes down to is this: "I think tracking and shooting game is a legitimate sort of pleasure. But I think most people who hunt think they should consume what they eat. They don't do that with wolves. It's the final act, the eating, that creates a certain sort of sacred bond between the hunter and the animal they killed. If a hunter doesn't eat his kill, the activity can become malicious. That's how you denigrate the wolf. He died for someone's pleasure." Enough said. It's time to take action to prevent the wolf hunt.

jenpavAug. 18, 12 8:14 PM

Sorry, you're going to have to wait until November. Forever if common sense prevails.

jenpavAug. 18, 12 8:27 PM

Gunflint, I think you're building a case for the wolves as well as any of us!

feyfriendAug. 18, 12 8:55 PM

Good interview. Dr. Hackett brings many salient points to the fore, and they need to be examined and considered. I am very uneasy about this hunt. It seemed railroaded through, and even after a very large majority said they weren't in favor of it in the survey. Totally ignoring what the large majority of the respondents said, the thing got legislated in a blink! Why is it taking so long for a useful law about puppy mills to be passed and this wolf hunt goes through in no time?? Seems like the answer may lie with the money. Follow the money and we'll see whose power bought this hunt, because I believe and always have, that the DNR is in somebody's pocket. It is not an agency representing all the citizens of this state or its' "resources" a.k.a. the animals, but a chosen few

pinelakelindAug. 18, 12 9:06 PM

First I am not a socialist as gunflint implies. I also come from a family of hunters. I do not believe that the wolf population has been stable long enough to consider a wolf hunt. I would never advocate for a wolf hunting season or trapping but accept that it will happen in the future but we have spent too much money and time bringing this animal back to allow hunting and trapping before the numbers of animals stabilize. I don't feel that the DNR has taken the feelings of a large number of wolf supporters into account before making this decision. I feel it is a poor decision and we have no voice!! That is not the way it should be!

blueskydayAug. 18, 1211:39 PM

I met Carter Niemeyer, who is a retired Wolf Recovery Coordinator on the West Coast. Although he started his career as a federal trapper & hired gun for the livestock industry, he soon fell in love with wolves and has been their champion for over 25 years! His work & scientific research needs to be at the forefront of this campaign, especially since he knows all sides of the issues. In his words, "I think wolves are a National Treasure. But at times they're going to be a problem. And we have to deal with that, too". The solution is not exterminating them and Carter has the knowledge & track record of how to successfully manage wolves. Carter has personally investigated 100s of livestock deaths and found that 95% of the deaths were NOT from wolf attacks, because wolves leave exacting forensic evidence behind. So that is not even a valid reason for killing them. I personally believe there is something deeply wrong with a society who finds no value in the welfare of wild animals. There is no way that destroying the delicate eco-systems of nature & it's predators will bring harmony or balance to the environment. The Native Americans had deep respect for the earth & it's animals & only took what was necessary. It's time we start protecting the earth and it's animals! It's devastating, all the destruction we have caused, all the animals who are being hunted into extinction. It's time to stand up & demand that this brutality against wolves STOP! Let's call upon the expertise of Carter Niemeyer to help assist in the protection of the wolves & the implementation of successfully proven Wolf Recovery Programs. If legislation is set in place to protect the wolves~keeping them on the endangered species gives us time to educate the public about programs that have worked to help man & beast co-exist. Thank You for you're careful consideration of this matter.

gunflint55Aug. 19, 12 1:12 AM

So funny my post gets removed after two folks have commented on it. I think somebody objected because I implied that people who like to kill wolves need a drink or two first to get up the courage. The Strib doesn't seem to respond well to sarcasm. To make up for it, here is my actual position on this wolf thing. No irony. No playacting. Anybody who would get pleasure from killing a wolf is a coward, plain and simple. Either "harvest" one with your bare hands, or go back to pounding in lawn signs for Shelly. Just to show I am bi-partisan in my disgust for wolf-haters, it was Senator Amy Klobuchar who relentlessly removed the federal protections for the wolf, and Governor Mark Dayton who signed the wolf hunt into law. The DFL has much to be ashamed of.

ontheroadagnAug. 19, 12 7:44 AM

"I dont feel the DNR has taken the feelings of a large number of wolf supporters into consideration before making this decision" really, too bad your feelings are hurt, I got my license/permit and am anxious to fill the tag as I am legally able to.

upnorthguy61Aug. 19, 12 8:19 AM

What I find interesting is during the entire interview, we find that Dr. Hackett has never seen a wolf in the wild. I live in northern MN and am a full time trapper in the fall. Everybody talks about the number of wolves being less than what the DNR says. Myself and 100's of other trappers agree that the DNR is wrong, but we believe they are wrong on the low side. Last fall I released over 30 wolves from traps and snares (both with the DNR's help and by myself). I never set one intended wolf trap. We are being overrun by wolves and seeing them is a common occurance. Cattle, sheep and of course deer are being devoured. I saw a pack of 16 come onto an ice covered lake last December, and we have watched our deer population sink to all time lows. Before people put up billboards trying to stop something they know very little about, come work a trapline for 135 days and see what exactly what several packs of wolves will do to a farm/deer area. I can read about being a doctor, and read about fixing people, but I would know nothing about the profession until I spent time with live people as patients until I could understand and relate to other people what it was like to be a doctor.

mule52Aug. 19, 12 8:19 AM

Why would I care what Maureen thinks about anything, especially wolves. She said nothing of value. I wish all the hunters and trappers the best while harvesting wolves. I am hoping for the 400 wolf goal to be met, wish the goal was 1000 instead. BTW...I have seen many wolves over the past 10 years and have never seen one that look as clean as the wolves seen on the billboards. Sounds like she is playing mind games on the general public. lol


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