Not yet 10 and facing risks of football concussions

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 17, 2012 - 9:34 PM

Children are not immune from head injuries, forcing hard choices.

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Coony127Aug. 17, 1211:30 PM

How long before the hectoring hussies and nagging nannies and mellow manboobs start to argue for making football illegal?

BallFourAug. 18, 1212:07 AM

No need. Football will die on its own.

melonicityAug. 18, 1212:22 AM

its a tough call either way... my husband played from 4th grade through 10th grade which isnt very long and suffered at least 4 concussions that he knows of. they didnt test much, you blacked out for a couple seconds had a headache for a day or two and you thought that was the end of it... to this day he regularly gets migraines among other things he doesnt remember suffering from until after the black out hits he took playing football. he had the time of his life but has admitted it probably wasnt worth it.

fivepinguyAug. 18, 1212:32 AM

I'm sorry, but exposing a child to a possible concussion is not my idea of good parenting. Football isn't worth it.

aardmanAug. 18, 1212:48 AM

To Cayden's parents. You're already wondering about the frequency of Cayden's headaches. Are you willing to risk long term brain damage to your son? Is football that important? Take him out now. The research on repeated blows to the head from football shows that the younger the person, the greater is the damage. Even when the blows don't rise to the level of a concussion. There are other sports that aren't as dangerous and just as much fun. The people reassuring you that they are watching over his welfare as he plays football are all biased in favor of his continued participation because he's such a good athlete and they want him on the team. Trust your gut, not them.

rshacklefordAug. 18, 12 3:24 AM

But Jim Nienow, an assistant coach, said the fact that Cayden played football -- and then baseball this summer -- without another concussion was a good sign. "It's a success story, I think," he said. ---- NO, THAT IS CALLED LUCK, NIENOW. NOT a "success story." I want to start seeing well trained and in shape football coaches (real role models) who do not make a distended gut blatantly appear to be a job requirement. As hard as it may vicariously be, do not let kids like Cayden become more permanently injured.

Willy53Aug. 18, 12 5:49 AM

Every single participant in school sponsored football, from grade school to college, does not really understand the risk they are taking and the absolute certainty that the sport will produce life long injuries at least in the form of early deterioration of critical joints. This is a given. Not playing football is one way to be able to live longer into middle age with a less compromised body and less chronic pain. That is simply a fact. This family and obviously talented athelete would do well to find another sport that extracts less of a toll on a young man's body. I'm sure he would succeed in whatever sport he chooses. It's not just concussions. It's life long knee, shoulder, back, neck wrist and ankle problems that invite arthritis much earlier. These tradeoffs should be made crystal clear to any parent allowing their child to participate in contact football. It is completely irresponsible for at least public schools to invite participation with just a small clause that says they aren't responsible for injuries.

tessssAug. 18, 12 6:22 AM

I am an Athletic Director and one part of this article worries me, yes the concussions scare me to death, but also this is 9 and 10 year old football and coaches are talking about who beats us in the 4th Qt. Is that the main goal of this program or is it development of fundamentals? Unfortnuatly I see this all the time is most youth sports, the coaches are out there to impress everyone that they can win and the fundamentals are secondary to winning.

cessna_172Aug. 18, 12 6:32 AM

to fivepin guy...and eveyrone everyone in general....Why is football...? People get concussions in ALL sports....The parent buying 'a better helmet..." Please, no helmet is concussion proof. Go to Schutts website and before you can proceed you get a large warning..."No helmet is concussion proof. The only full proof is to not play any sport..." And to the childs parents..."I got me an athlete..." Sounds like someone is living their sports life through their child....He appears to still be having issues but you continue to let him play....Doesnt sound very smart.....

randymarsh1Aug. 18, 12 8:05 AM

There is simply no reason to be playing tackle football at that age. I also can't believe he is allowed to play if he is still having headaches.


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