New Zealand: Wish you were here?

  • Article by: MICHAEL NESSET
  • Updated: August 17, 2012 - 5:37 PM

New Zealand is everything that people say it is -- friendly, beautiful and proportionally urbane. Why can't we all live in a place like this?

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JsensAug. 19, 12 6:44 AM

Ah, Shangri-la!

bizsmithAug. 19, 12 6:47 AM

When we visited NZ in 1984 it was like the US in the 50's. A very welcome slow down. I hope that aspect hasn't changed.

djs185Aug. 19, 12 8:40 AM

Down Under is awesome, yes they are 20 years behind us, they should hope they never catch up!

kiwikatyaAug. 19, 12 8:55 AM

I would like to think the Kiwis are 20 year ahead. Especially when it comes to health care.

kiwikatyaAug. 19, 12 9:02 AM

Oh! I almost forgot. It is a very dangerous place so you really would not want to visit with all those earthquakes, volcanoes, and the highly poisonous nocturnal kiwi birds. And the have hobbits and they are very scary.

scotchieguyAug. 19, 12 9:03 AM

Interesting, but I couldn't help notice the absolute contempt for anything to do with BIG, like box-stores, chain restaurants, etc. Although I prefer to eat at non-chain ma and pa excellent restaurants, I prefer to buy food at a supermarket for half the price as a funky little general store, and I prefer to buy my tools at a big box store for a third what they cost at a little quaint hardware store two blocks from my house. I also wonder how many subdivisions they have with 3/4 and 1 acre lots in NZ? I wonder if they have laws dictating how large your soda can be or how much popcorn they can serve at a movie theatre?

rholljAug. 19, 1210:19 AM

I think the writer did a very good job connecting a lifestyle he obviously enjoyed to the reality of a global society that allowed him to visit this island. Fair and balanced.

tinitiniAug. 19, 1210:26 AM

But did you see the toothbrush fence?

carlbsAug. 19, 1210:40 AM

The reason they have walkable neighborhoods with many small businesses and lack of big box stores is simple. It is government policy that prohibits big boxes from building in neighborhoods. This is one way government can make your life better. In other words, how government is supposed to work. And something us "freedom loving" Americans have forgot the value of. PS, please tell scotchieguy which big box I can get a tool for 1/3 the cost compared to a hardware store? I've saved maybe 10% sometimes at Home Depot, but then again I have to actually go there.

carlbsAug. 19, 1210:52 AM

I find the author's fascination with the 777 aircraft kind of puzzling. It's not like you couldn't get there in a DC 10 or a sailing ship for that matter. Maybe he felt he needed to interject an international economy meme in order to "balance" the article. In my opinion, it was out of place and could have been the subject of an entirely separate article.


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