The Family Research Council is not a hate group

  • Article by: DANA MILBANK , Washington Post
  • Updated: August 17, 2012 - 5:34 PM

But the Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe the conservative Christian council is as dangerous as the KKK.

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ebfauvelAug. 17, 12 7:23 PM

The Family Research Council may not be the KKK, but it is still a hate group as far as I'm concerned.

pumiceAug. 17, 12 7:32 PM

From the article: "Yes, Perkins should stop [putting out 'claims that are provably false' about gay people]. But even if he doesn't, the Southern Poverty Law Center should stop listing a mainstream Christian advocacy group alongside neo-Nazis and Klansmen." So then, Dana Milbank, did the Family Research Council fire the official who said in 1999, "gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement"? Did the Family Research Council repudiate the inflammatory statement? Did the Family Research Council withdraw funding from Frank Schuber in California, Maine, Iowa, or North Carolina when he used the same false claims in his anti-marriage equality ad campaigns? Based on Frank Schuber's history, has the Family Research Council refused to contribute to his pro-"Limiting the Status of Marriage to Opposite Sex Couples" ad campaign in Minnesota? Has the Family Research Council at least demanded that Schuber cease and desist from using the same innuendo- and misinformation-laden script in Minnesota?

one4thepeepsAug. 17, 12 7:37 PM

On a fundamental level what drives those who would deny gays equal rights comes down to prejudice. This was an unfortunate incident and the perpetrator is guilty of idiocy. We cannot condone violence in any form. MLK led African Americans to Civil Rights through nonviolence and made our country a better place. One day, we will say the same for our gay brothers and sisters. All of that said, for the right wing to harp on this is beyond ridiculous. You look at what right wing extremists like Timothy McVeigh and Norwegian Anders Breivick did and it's a sobering comparison. (BTW: Fox News and Glen Beck refuse to acknowledge to this day that Anders, who killed nearly a hundred people, is right wing...) We must stand against violence, but for conservatives to claim some kind of martyrdom from this lone act of lunacy is plainly silly.

mcjoe1Aug. 17, 12 7:38 PM

Sure acts like a hate group to me. I think Dana has a hard time accepting this because denying rights to the LGBT community is a socially accepted practice - the exact same way in the South it was socially accepted to be racist during the 1960s. There's a lot of hate talk out there spreading false rumors about the LGBT implying that they're all extremely sexually promiscuous, child molesters, unfaithful partners, etc. Perhaps you don't remember that the FRC was also behind getting Richard Grenell out of Romney's staff?? Seems pretty hateful to me to go out of your way to get someone well qualified for a position fired because you don't agree with their sexual orientation.

sunnyreaderAug. 17, 12 7:41 PM

A good beginning place to heal our divided nation would be if everyone involved on all sides of the issues that divide us, stopped using the airwaves to demonize people who disagree with them. Hateful speech encourages people to act in ways that diminish others.

luzhishenAug. 17, 12 7:48 PM

Glad they stopped the shooter - and yes, they are a hate group.

goferfanzAug. 17, 12 7:55 PM

The SPLC is a hate group to be sure. Who gives them the right to judge others....oh yea, themselves. Their behavior during the trial here was despicable, even causing a duly elected official to resign, with her claim of "being bullyed." Again, it's OK to bully, when? ;oD Pretty much any group calling legally behaved citizens a "hate group," is going to be themselves--> a hate group. That is the nature of false witness against fellow citizens. It is that simple.

RocketstepAug. 17, 12 7:57 PM

I'm waiting for the guy to be charged with a hate crime, but I won't hold my breath.

gimbelAug. 17, 12 8:13 PM

OK. We report, you decide.

From wikipedia: "Family Research Council's Senior Researcher for Policy Studies Peter Sprigg stated on NBC's Hardball that gay behavior should be outlawed and that "criminal sanctions against homosexual behavior" should be enforced. More recently, Sprigg has publicly suggested that repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy would encourage molestation of heterosexual service members. When asked about Sprigg's comments regarding the criminalization of same-sex behavior, FRC President Tony Perkins said that criminalizing homosexuality is not a goal of the Family Research Council, but did not denounce Sprigg's statements. Perkins repeated the FRC’s association of gay men with pedophilia,saying that "If you look at the American College of Pediatricians, they say the research is overwhelming that homosexuality poses a danger to children." The opinions expressed by Perkins are contradicted by mainstream social science research on same-sex parenting and the likelihood of child molestation by homosexuals,and some scientists whose work is cited by the American College of Pediatricians, a small conservative political organization formed when the American Academy of Pediatrics endorsed adoption by same-sex couples, have accused the FRC of distorting and misrepresenting their work."

Demonizing a whole class of people?...seems kinda hateful to me.

endothermAug. 17, 12 8:16 PM

The so-called "Family Research Council" might not be a hate group in the KKK sense of the term, but it is certainly mean, dishonest and vicious in its attacks on people who don't conform to its so-called "moral" agenda. Though of course the FRC claims it just wants to "save" us, it is quite hateful in its attacks on people who fall outside of its vision for America--not just gays and lesbians, but anybody who resists its Puritanical attitudes about sex, free speech on television or even the teaching of evolution.


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