Little Crow's legacy

  • Article by: CURT BROWN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 12, 2013 - 1:31 PM

He travels far in a failed effort to recruit bands to join the revolt. With a bounty on his head, a decision to slip back into Minnesota proves to be a fatal error.

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nevetscatAug. 16, 12 9:24 PM

Well done my man.

koogleheimerAug. 16, 12 9:32 PM

Glad we won the war cause I'm pretty sure the tribal peple would not have treated us much better.

skearthAug. 16, 1211:09 PM

I am embarrassed to be a Minnesotan after reading the comments of so many ignorant people responding to these articles. These must be the same people who think white people are the most discriminated against.

mrpriusAug. 16, 1211:27 PM

Dear Columbia University, If this doesn't receive one of your Pulitzer Prizes I shall terminate my annual contribution. Thank you StarTribune and thank you for the this remarkable series Curt Brown.

mahpiyasapaAug. 16, 1211:28 PM

Pida miya Mr. Curt Brown for your well researched and thoughtfull series on Chief Little Crow and the history of the Mdewankton/Wahpekute vs State of Minnesota in the War of 1862.

mahpiyasapaAug. 16, 1211:32 PM

Thank you Mr. Curt Brown for your well researched and thoughtfull series on Little Crow lead Mdewankton/Wahpekute vs the State of Minnesota War of 1862!

jarlmnAug. 17, 1212:43 AM

Yes, yes, yes, let us have a pity-party for poor, poor misunderstood Little Crow and throw-in some pseudo-mystical crap about birds at his funeral. Where is Mr. Brown's maudlin prose though, for the hundreds of innocent and unarmed settlers that Little Crow let be slaughtered? Good job STRIB. Through your largely one-sided, politically-correct series, you've opened more old wounds than you've closed.

dakotadAug. 17, 12 7:41 AM

Having really no background with this story prior to reading the series, I thought it was well balanced. Mr. Brown did not pull any punches when describing how the white settlers were treated or justify the Dakota's actions. It was account of the story and should not be viewed as vs. them topic.

unseeliectAug. 17, 12 7:43 AM

Obviously, the settlers suffered horribly, and deliberate war waged against civilians shocks our conscious--now as it did then. But I would, with respect, offer the idea that at the same time the Dakota War was raging here, Minnesota was also involved in the Civil War. Far more Minnesotans fell in numerous battles across the country. At the war's end, however, we did not forcibly remove the inhabitants of Virginia or Alabama, let alone put bounties on their scalps. Same with Germans living in the US after the end of WWII. This is a tragedy for everyone involved, and in the way we've built good relations with Japan and Germany, I hope we can build healing here between our state and the Dakota.

turgidAug. 17, 12 8:03 AM

Great articles. Don't understand how anyone could object to the way the story was presented. Unless, of course, maybe they just don't like the story ;)


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