Dayton repudiates Ramsey's call to exterminate Dakota

  • Article by: Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 16, 2012 - 10:56 PM

He repudiated the governor's angry words about the Dakota in 1862 and declared a day of reconciliation.

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hmangotwangoAug. 16, 12 4:45 PM

Dayton is appaled today because he was not there 150-years ago! Nice tolken but too late Dayton. If this happened today Dayton would puss out and we would have lost the war of 1862!

minnesotakrpAug. 16, 12 5:00 PM

How symbolic. It's easy to proclaim the actions back then as detestable in the context of present day rather than under the context of the then recent slaughter of 600 soldiers and settlers. Dayton wasn't governor 150 years ago and he been governor, he would not have the comfortable luxury of speaking the words of today. He would have had a massive push for protection from any further deaths at the hands of Native Americans. Different time, different circumstances so sitting in judgment now of what occurred then is something only a politician would dream up. Rather chicken manure really to even do so. Dayton's political whims won't bring back a single person of either race who died 150 years ago, or somehow alter the course of history. By the way, where is the equally symbolic and useless apology and renunciation from the other side of this equation? There won't be one nor will there be any criticism of the Indian leadership of 150 years ago, unlike a politician like Dayton who is just using the occasion for political gain by passing judgment on a man long since dead and who had to live in those times under the morals and courses of conduct that were deemed proper back then. Congress was responsible for ridding the West using the likes of G.A. Custer. Ooops, can't criticize a national policy issued by Congress, that might go to far and Dayton might get some push back and look foolish for apologizing for all past policy of the USA in how it settled the West. One does not have to condone the events of 150 years ago to see how shameless a politician can be to ingratiate himself at the expense of dead people.

endothermAug. 16, 12 5:00 PM

It is good that Dayton said these words, but it is depressing that it has taken so long for a Minnesota governor to step up and acknowledge this history. I'd like to think that we can move our state and our country into a more honest and respectful future, but I know we are still plagued by greed and people who want to fill their own pockets, take from their neighbors, and give back nothing in return.

minn12Aug. 16, 12 5:13 PM

Oh please. Is this what Dayton and liberalism have come down to? There seems to be no end to liberals dredging up things that happened centuries ago, and somehow feeling the need to 'apologize' for them. Just because the Strib wants to somehow revise history with its series, does not mean the Governor of Minnesota needs to take some silly symbolic official action. Give me a break. Doesn't the Governor have anything better to do??

lakneeAug. 16, 12 5:37 PM

ARRey sez: If Tom Emmer's failed, yet-to-be paid for, recount had somehow prevailed, we would still be waiting for these long overdue words to have been spoken.

ruphinaAug. 16, 12 6:24 PM

Maybe the Mystic Lake Dakota band could at least make it better by allowing all those who were forced to leave the state back onto the tribal rolls instead of greedily keeping it all for themselves. Their behaviour is kind of like those greedy traders and Indian agents of the 1860's. Is there a descendant of Little Crow willing to lead that revolution? Bill G.

highlife75Aug. 16, 12 6:30 PM

Thank God we have predator drones for this kind of stuff today, so much more sterile, out of sight out of mind, and leaders like Dayton do not have to deal with "blood on their hands"? The more I see Dayton I feel he is trying to portray Mel Brooks as Governor William J. Lepetomane in the movie Blazing Saddles?

goferfanzAug. 16, 12 6:39 PM

Can you imagine if Dayton had been governor during this conflict? He closed his Senate office at the first rumor of trouble. If he had this kind of calamity, he would have been on the first horse and buggy to DC, never to return. Women and children would have had to catch a later stagecoach, right?

mnnice33Aug. 16, 12 7:10 PM

It should be embarrassing for Mr. Dayton to even have said this. Different times demand different actions. This war threatened the very existence of Minnesota settlers and as a state. Easy to say now but these were not as civilized of times and both the settlers and native Americans involved handled the situation in a much different way than we would today. No one is proud of what happened during these times but let's not go back and second guess our early leaders for without them we would not be where we are today. Just seems to me that Governor Dayton is doing a little self backslapping here at the expense of the good name of one of the great past leaders of our state.

endothermAug. 16, 12 7:27 PM

It is sad that some people are so invested in the political bickering of today that they want to politicize even this tragedy from 150 years ago. This isn't about Republicans and the DFL or liberals and conservatives, it is about understanding our history, all of it, even the ugly parts, so that we can do better in the future.


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