Twins must find way to keep Nathan

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 12, 2008 - 10:07 PM

The superstar closer says he wants to still be with the Twins when the new ballpark opens, and ownership could generate some optimism by signing him.

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jama0003Mar. 12, 08 9:00 PM

Sid I know you are a homer but you can't be so blind to think that Nathan is actually the best closer in baseball. Plus add the fact that he is already 33 and on the downside of his career. Just because the Twins have money to spend doesn't mean that they have to spend it. I would rather they spend that money on the draft and scouting. Trade Nathan at the deadline for a future closer or a 3B prospect and this team will be ready to go when the new stadium opens.

ryno77Mar. 12, 08 9:06 PM

I wish they'd put your name in the headline, so I wouldn't even click on the story.

jasondenzerMar. 12, 08 9:07 PM

I remember how good Tyrone Carter was on some bad Gopher Football teams. He was an amazing tackler in the Big Ten for a guy his size, and could return kicks too. Great player! Hope his cousin brings the same level of excitement that Tyrone did.

shorbaMar. 12, 08 9:14 PM

lawrence mckenzie should be playing for st. thomas or hamline not the gophers. he's not that good.

FrymasterMar. 12, 08 9:32 PM

He's arguably the best. Best ERA of any reliever since he's joined the Twins. I am also of the opinion of trading him for a good prospect or two at the deadline though, I believe he could potentially fetch more than Santana did, if Nathan is traded at the right time and to the proper team.

yarnivekMar. 12, 08 9:40 PM

Over the last 4 years, he has the highest save percentage in MLB. Isn't that the most important stat? Success? Just 14 blown saves in 174 chances over that span. ERA under 2 in 3 of last 4 years. A guy that throws 70 IP per year isn't going to run out of gas that fast. Look at Hoffmann and Rivera. They are both far older than Nathan and still among the best in the game. Yes, that's being the BEST.

padrickaMar. 12, 08 9:51 PM

Ryn77 - Yet you clicked and read and whined - what a shock!!!

dsjogrenMar. 12, 08 9:57 PM

I agree with frymaster. why do the twins need a top notch saver? with santana, hunter and silva gone the twins will only be .500 team the next two seasons. trade him while he still has value

markprivratskyMar. 12, 0810:04 PM

mckenzie will be playing in at least the nbdl, if not some pro league over seas next year. how often do players from hamline and st thomas do that? he will probably make an NBA team and get put on a NBDL team

shorbaMar. 12, 0810:13 PM

when devean george came out of augsburg he was twice the player of mckenzie. mckenzie will make some austrian pro team playing alongside a bunch of other no name college players dreaming of the NBA. i admire him for trying though.


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