At last, a clash of credible candidates

  • Article by: DAVID BANKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 15, 2012 - 7:18 AM

One voter has waited decades for a race with no top clunker candidates.

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shushyn78Aug. 14, 1210:00 PM

Credible? Perhaps. The best people for the job? Not by any stretch. The political gauntlet that we put candidates through eliminates all those who are eminently qualified and gifted for effective leadership in very troubled times. Why would anyone want to go through the circus? All the candidates are C students in a world that requires straight A's. The true leaders are out there, they just don't run for office.

steavis61067Aug. 14, 1210:13 PM

Mr. Banks - I enjoyed the article, although I have additions/subtractions (where's Dukakis?). And I applaud your disclaimer about ideology, but my guess is it will be ignored.

pumiceAug. 14, 1210:55 PM

Credible? Maybe... one side lacks foreign affairs experience; the other lacks (lacked?) the business experience which stood Herbert Hoover, Ross Perot, and George W. Bush in such good stead, demonstrating ... what was it? ... "that it's possible for a successful business[person] to be recklessly unsuited to public service."

David Banks has waited decades for "a race with no top clunker candidates" and declares that his long-awaited day arrived on Saturday. (Banks' clunkers in italics.) 1988: Bush/Quayle vs Dukakis/Bentsen; 1992: Bush/Quayle vs Clinton/Gore; 1996: Clinton/Gore vs Dole/Kemp; 2000: Bush/Cheney vs Gore/Lieberman; 2004 Bush/Cheney vs Kerry/Edwards; 2008 Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin. Banks leaves us to determine how high the bar had been set....

mcjoe1Aug. 14, 1210:56 PM

I can't see Mitt passing any of the conditions laid out on that list. "The empathy to understand a diverse America, personal background notwithstanding." -- His plan of self-deportation involves making America such a miserable place for immigrants that they'd rather go back to their birthplace. Like it or not, but Americans aren't cranking out the babies like they used to. The economic growth in our nation almost maps exactly to our population growth, and if we refuse immigrants then get used to a long term GDP growth rate of negative to 0.

comment229Aug. 15, 12 5:03 AM

Sorry, you used the word "credible" with "candidates" in the same sentence. You would have to reach a long way to get that to fit, and can't reach far enough. It is just mind boggling that we have evolved to the election process we now have to endure. I don't believe a word of the misinformation, half truths, opinions, and outright lies that are being broadcast by BOTH political parties these days and worse yet, the supreme court endorsed super pacs. This is what the Constitution says should happen? No, not in any universe. The candidates are anything but presidential or diplomatic. This is closer to an elementary school yard fight complete with name calling than it is a presidential election. If these two don't agree on anything else in this world, they should both take one day, sit down together in a locked room, with no advisers, and craft a campaign reform piece of legislation that the winner will have introduced into the legislative session in January of 2013. It has got to end. The rest of the world used to admire our election process. I fear we are getting laughed at this time around.

bizsmithAug. 15, 12 6:12 AM

Neither candidate is credible in my view. Vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.

joe_mnAug. 15, 12 7:28 AM

obamas policies have failed. he has no idea how to improve the situation. romney has new, better, different ideas that he says will work. i think it is time to try a different approach. how can any obama supporter say they want to continue with his weak, misguided effort to build a strong US economy?

luzhishenAug. 15, 12 7:46 AM

Why Mitt will have problems in Florida, from the WSJ: " two giant tax deductions that it says would go untouched: the exclusion of interest on tax-exempt municipal bonds, and the exclusion of interest on life insurance savings. The study claims that Mr. Romney won't close these because they are incentives for saving and investment. One problem: Nowhere do Mitt Romney or his advisers say that these deductions can't be touched. Senior economic adviser Glenn Hubbard says these deductions are definitely "on the table." In other words, Mitt's capital gains gimmick is enhanced while people who have been counting on some small monies from Life Insurance policies get the shaft.

stevenelAug. 15, 12 8:16 AM

Good points but empathy is the hurdle I don't see Romney or Ryan overcoming to get to credible. To me empathy is more than just understanding a diverse America - it's the ability to imagine oneself in the other's place. I just don't see that in Romney. Furthermore, Ryan's budget ideas indicate to me at least that he sees this whole thing as a game - that he can gamble for an improved economy by using the wellbeing of the poor and elderly as his poker chips. That's not done lightly if someone has empathy.

nasethAug. 15, 12 8:22 AM

Doesnt the very fact that both Romney and Ryan are so hopelessly out of touch with Americans and reality, respectively, make them INcredible candidates?


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