The truth about voter fraud

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  • Updated: August 14, 2012 - 7:54 PM

Now we know for sure: Such fraud virtually never takes place.

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beebee82Aug. 14, 1210:12 AM

"Any legislation against 'voter fraud' should attack fraud, not voters."


pumiceAug. 14, 1210:17 AM

From the article: "News21 reporters also reached out to election personnel in all 50 states, requesting information on every single reported case of alleged fraud at the polls. The organization's analysis of 2,068 cases found only 10 related to impersonation. Using those figures, the frequency of poll impersonation is about one in 15 million." QED!

LiberalOne46Aug. 14, 1210:19 AM

If every vote matters no voter fraud can be tolerated. If early or absentee voting is a problem, it should be eliminated for all but serving military. This is the most basic fundamental function of our democracy and must be protected against corruption, period.

pumiceAug. 14, 1210:30 AM

Re: "A partisan motivation behind the voter ID laws has been evident from the start." Evidence: (1) Legislation in state legislatures is introduced exclusively by legislators from one Party. (2) Voter ID laws (and amendments where there was no governor from that Party to sign a voter ID bill into law) are based on American Legislative Exchange Council model legislation. ALEC is associated almost exclusively with one Party and with corporate interests. (The Party which is associated with ALEC is also known for promoting corporate interests.) (3) Particularly damning evidence is coming out of Michigan where, county-by-county, election hours have been set which favor the voter-ID/ALEC Party over democracy. In Michigan counties where the 2008 vote went for Sen. McCain, voting hours have been expanded to evenings and weekends. In Michigan counties where the 2008 vote went for then-Sen. Obama, there are no evening hours or weekend hours for voters' convenience.

mcjoe1Aug. 14, 1210:34 AM

If the conservatives were actually interested in voter fraud they would've worked with the progressives and Dayton on the Electronic Poll Book solution. This is the only solution that instantly compares people's information to state databases of known felons, which covers the vast majority of voter fraud cases in this state. This solution would also document people without a state ID by taking their photo at the polling place. This would allow comparison to future polling events to ensure they are the same person. The huge advantage here is that if someone walks in and is successfully able to fool the poll workers for a ballot the police and prosecutors would have a quality photo of the person committing the felony. This is a far better system than depending on a hokey piece of plastic. For $100 bucks you can get a fake ID complete with holograms, proper barcode, and working mag stripe. Conservatives love the story of how easy it is for an out of state college student to vote via absentee ballot and locally, but I've never met a college student that was willing to commit a felony just to vote for a president twice.

mcjoe1Aug. 14, 1210:45 AM

LiberalOne46: "If every vote matters no voter fraud can be tolerated" ---- If every vote matters then we should worry about being more inclusive and getting everyone to vote. Using your analogy, suppressing one vote is equally as detrimental as one fraudulent vote sneaking through. If fraudulent voting is a felony, why isn't voter suppression? Using the current voter ID requirements, why not make gun owners go to a DMV every 4 years or after every relocation to maintain their ability to own guns. Apparently conservatives believe this hurdle isn't an inconvenience at all for anyone to maintain their constitutional rights.

bandit228Aug. 14, 1210:53 AM

In the 2008 election cycle somebody fraudulently same-day registered to vote at my address. I got the blue card in the mail after the election to prove it. When I was in college I saw several classmates vote both at home absentee and at the precinct by the campus by vouching for one another. This type of activity shouldn't be tolerated and if the voter ID laws help discourage it, that's ok by me.

lakneeAug. 14, 1211:11 AM

ARRey sez: In Minnesota, the issue has never been voter fraud. It's all about limiting the DFL vote.

twspt7Aug. 14, 1211:14 AM

@LiberalOne46 "This is the most basic fundamental function of our democracy and must be protected against corruption, period." This is the most basic fundamental function of democracy and must be available to all, period.

davehougAug. 14, 1211:33 AM

OK, so how SHOULD the requirements of age, residence, citizenship status be verified????? The honor system??


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