Mayor Coleman seeks 2% levy hike for police, gardens, permits

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 13, 2012 - 7:57 PM

Despite fiscal challenges, he told a midday gathering, the city is thriving. The increase would be the second in two years.

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neptune1Aug. 13, 1211:16 AM

It's St. Paul - you say tax increase, they eagerly ask, "How much?"

stpaulisbestAug. 13, 1211:19 AM

Well, if he wasn't giving money away to his developer friends maybe he wouldn't need to raise our taxes again. And to think I voted for this guy!

muggsh2oAug. 13, 1211:35 AM

As much as I don't appreciate Coleman, at least we don't have Rybak.

stinkerAug. 13, 1211:48 AM

if he is reducing the city budget by 1.6%....why is asking for a 2% increase???

samiamAug. 13, 1212:04 PM

Clearly if the overall budget is decreasing 1.6% but the levy is going up 2% we are missing something. What is making up the shortfall: Decreased LGA? Decreased property values? Decreased sales taxes? This would be valuable info to have in the article.

jugglerAug. 13, 1212:07 PM

One more reason on my list as to why I am moving out of this town and state. I work for myself and earn enough to be called "Evil" but I still don't make 6 figures. My tax bill last year was just insane. I can't afford to keep funding Lazy Liberals.

ahandimanAug. 13, 1212:08 PM

simpler, though messier in some ways, solution is to increase fees that the utility, cable and phone co's pay for use of the public right-of-ways. How much is spent supporting their infrastructure that tax payers are actually subsidizing? I know they pay franchise fees already, but that doesn't cover the cost of police or fire responding to downed power lines or investigating shoddy gas line work that blows up houses. (Yeah, I know the cost would get passed on to the consumer, but really it should be paid for by the utility and spread across their user base, not just st paul home owners.) No one likes the idea of fees, but really they are far fairer than increasing taxes on all for the benefit of a few.

Zekeman10Aug. 13, 1212:17 PM

People, people, people. The levy is the tax on a property. This example is using fictious numbers for demonstration purposes. If your house is valued at $250,000 last year, and your levy is 5% - you are paying $12,500 in taxes. If your house is valued at $235,000 this year, to collect the same amount of taxes on your property -$12,500-, you would need to levy at 5.32%. Coleman is raising the levy but taxpayers aren't seeing anymore money come out of their pocket. Still paying the same amount from last year to this year. The levy means nothing - it's HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU PAYING.

ahandimanAug. 13, 12 1:15 PM

Saying the levy needs to increase to generate the same amount of money completely ignores how tax levies work. Please refer to the 2012 budget for a better understanding. If the levy increases 2% above the 2012 base of 99,320,758 it means the overall levy for 2013 will be 101,307,173 (an increase just shy of 2 million). Now, that total levy is spread across the total taxable base of all properties in St Paul and apportioned based on that. So, yes all other things being equal you will pay 2% more. While the county valuation for a particular property may change the value up or down in any given year the overall levy is still spread across all taxable value. Don't let that 'muddy' the water to your understanding that the city will be collecting and spending more this year than it did last year.

pitythefoolAug. 13, 12 1:23 PM

Chris, please go away. Your high tax policies are driving people out of St. Paul and into the suburbsd. Voters - can u hear????


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