To NHL: Play like a bunch of amateurs

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 12, 2008 - 12:02 AM

Lower levels of hockey have it right when they push the game's tempo and keep out the thuggery.

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Quixote71Mar. 12, 0812:30 AM

Your lack of passion for the game and knowledge of the game stands out more with every article you write. Please stick to the wolves and Vikes. I can take listening to criticism of the game and our team from someone who actually cares about the team and the sport, but not from a half-wit who only mentions the word Hockey because there is little else to satiate your palate in the world of Minnesota sports.

lukej5Mar. 12, 0812:46 AM

One of the most unintelligent articles about hockey in recent memory. It's amazing that someone would broadcast their lack of knowledge about a sport like this. He's right, someone is going to die, and it's going to be a hockey fan who continues to read his column.

ssbf04Mar. 12, 0812:58 AM

Funny that the everyone who hates Souhan's article still have yet to defend why the NHL is an exciting game. Shows the lack of intelligence Quixote71 and lukej5 and such. Face it, the NHL is boring. If you disagree that its boring, say why you disagree. Or is it that you guys can't come up with anything so you just attack the messanger.

vedanoMar. 12, 08 1:05 AM

Touchdown? Hmmm. Hardly.

tchorskeMar. 12, 08 1:07 AM

To compare Professional hockey to amateur hockey seems kind of silly. I would have rather read an article dedicated to your positive views on the hockey played during the state tournament or you could have compared the Wild to some other NHL team you feel plays a better brand of hockey. But ripping the Wild (and some of their players) by comparing them to high school players is unreasonable.

natetMar. 12, 08 2:17 AM

Growing up in Mn and playing organized hockey since i was 4 means I have learned that the puck goes nowhere without the man. Take it like that, it's a sport that's finesse as much as it is violent. Go to the Nhl's site!! next to goal of the week is HIT of the week. why? cause that's hockey!! To say there is to many bullie's on the ice is one thing.. to compare those players to high school (which i was one, and played in the tournie) players is completly our of order. Saying that the Wild need more offence, is a fans view, even a knowledgeable hockey writer would say so.. live and sweat for the sport. have the checking, stickhandeling, and skating drilled into your head day in and day out. then make comments as someone who knows first hand what the sport is about.

shepherdMar. 12, 08 5:42 AM

I know some plumbers, some of my best friends are plumbers, these men are no plumbers.

mikey411Mar. 12, 08 6:26 AM

The old cliche says, "went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out." For many NHL fans it's part of the game; part of the excitement. Just like if it wasn't for the crashes who would watch NASCAR? ESPN in showing highlights of the NHL spends more time showing fights than goals. They also spend more time showing crashes than the race itself in NASCAR. I guess it's all in what turns you on.

SOstmanMar. 12, 08 6:32 AM

I couldn't agree more. The NHL is completely unwatchable. I'll take a good high school or college game any day. Two other things you forgot to point out: too many players whose names end in "z" or "v" that are carbon copies of one another and too many teams! I know there's nothing more thrilling than watching the heated rivalry between storied franchises like Atlanta, Nashville and Columbus.

thagamanMar. 12, 08 6:47 AM

Just because the Wild are not as fun to watch as they used to be doesn't mean the NHL isn't exciting. It is the best hockey in the world and far more exciting than any other level.


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