Oh, deer --- way too many of them

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  • Updated: August 13, 2012 - 1:55 PM

It's hard to think of a more insidious threat to forests, farms and wildlife, not to mention human health and safety,

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owatonnabillAug. 12, 12 7:36 PM

Heh. Brush carp. Roadgoats. And a plethora of other names that the Strib censors undoubtedly won't print. As a motorcyclist I won't ride at night any more because of the chance that one of those critters will make an unwelcome and inconvenient appearance. On the plus side, they ARE delicious...

ruphinaAug. 12, 12 7:36 PM

Unbelievable- the fastest way to put the whitetail on the endangered species list is to allow a commercial market in their meat. Then we won't have paid sharpshooters killing deer safely, we will have meth-heads shooting them in city parks for cash. Bill G.

ruphinaAug. 12, 12 7:41 PM

Bloomberg news, based in NYC, London and Hong Kong, is telling us how to manage the deer population because of some fake concern for the forests? BS Bill G.

Douglind33Aug. 12, 12 8:51 PM

Having had a deer crash into the front of my car, I now hate "grilled" venison. Let's try venison in the food stores. Only good thing about deer is that it's the only species where the male is obviously smarter than the female.

spicebearAug. 12, 12 8:53 PM

Hmmmm... Reduce deer herds? Just transplant some wolves, it seems to have worked in NE Minnesota.

woodbuckAug. 12, 12 9:20 PM

Hey, instead of killing off the natural predators of deer, such as wolves and bears, we, re-introduce them into the problem areas. It would be clean and simple, maybe, they could also clean up the stray dogs and feral cats that also do so much damage. I live with wolves, saw one at the end of my driveway just the other day, and, i do keep my dogs on a keash when we go out early in the morning, and, after dark. I feel safer around wolves than i do around badly socialized rottweilers and pit bulls.

birdchayserAug. 12, 12 9:44 PM

Looks like yet another solution looking for a problem. Quit the fear mongering and let's concentrate on some more pressing issues when it comes to the outdoors. Let's start with getting rid of the ethanol mandate and work our way down...

dnarexAug. 12, 1210:10 PM

The DNR is responsible for the overpopulation. They refuse to implement measures to reduce the numbers. They need to extend the deer season and implement "earn a buck". If they were made financially responsible for the damage caused maybe they would finally do something.

lordhawhaw1Aug. 12, 1211:06 PM

At one time we hunters almost completely eradicated the deer in much of Minnesota. But we wised up and our license fees have done more to bring the deer back than anything else. Of course we don't want the population of deer squeezed. My family relies on the venision I get each fall for our "Burger" for the next year. Much leaner than beef.

totaltruthAug. 12, 1211:35 PM

"""Oh, deer --- way too many of them"""

Oh, people --- way too many of them.... Then what is your solution to this problem???


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