Reusse: It's time for Twins to end their sad glove affair with Nishioka

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 9, 2012 - 12:22 PM

These flaws appeared in Nishioka's defensive game in Cleveland: Catching, throwing, flipping, diving, covering and looking skyward.

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sniggleAug. 8, 1211:35 PM

This is one of MANY reasons why Gardy and his pals have to go! What kind of manager keeps playing a guy that a blind man can see is not ready?!

BallFourAug. 8, 1211:38 PM

Unimpressive as Danny Valencia was, he'd hit a 1-2 breaking pitch now and then or throw to first sometimes with no more than two chicken hops and I'd think, "Maybe." Nishi? All I can think is that Japan big-league ball must be AA level here.

vikes0115Aug. 8, 1211:56 PM

I hope Nishi tires of the humiliation fast and retires. Not only is he not good enough to be in the majors, I don't think he would even last a month on the Saints roster before getting cut. Its only a matter of time before Nishi pulls a Canseco and loses a ball only to have it bounce right off the top of his head.

eillacAug. 9, 1212:12 AM

I read somewhere that 6 Twins scouts looked at Nishioka and gave him the thumbs up. Shouldn't the scouting department be held accountable? If I owned the Twins I would have called these scouts into my office and said what's going on here?

alanam8Aug. 9, 1212:22 AM

I think everybody's missing an important angle here. Nishi's fielding ineptitude makes him one of the more compelling reasons to watch the team at the moment. Seriously, who among us doesn't relish each and every Nishi error? Who among us doesn't enjoy complaining about this guy? He's a low-light reel in a season lacking highlights. I say keep him.

Vikes2006Aug. 9, 1212:25 AM

Ryan and Gardy passing the buck. It's the other one's fault. Typical of the way this club is being run. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

lawtonj1Aug. 9, 1212:56 AM

I think this was an upper level management error. A big one. They bid and paid $5 mil just to negotiate with Nishi, then signed him for $9 mil for 3 yrs. Seems like management, seeing the cash they were going to rake in the first couple of years with the new stadium got carried away, and gambled badly. He looks ruined to me, kind of sad to see. The minors and changing his swing hasn't done any good, looks like it made him worse. Pat's just piling on in this one.

time2haikuAug. 9, 12 1:58 AM

I still think Pohlads and FO had visions of following in the footsteps of Yanks and especially RedSox in building their brand in Japan and adding mucho revenue bucks with a presence in the international baseball market. Only trouble is the same scouts who can't seem to find the gems other teams have looked at this guy through rose colored glasses and thought they saw a Matsui or an Ichiro. Maybe a relatively low posting fee of $5 mil should have been a red flag in itself. I don't recall reading that other teams were in a bidding war with the Twins over this guy.

khronikosAug. 9, 12 3:16 AM

NO WAY. Put him in front of the crowd. You people need to stop acting like we have anything to lose but draft picks. This team is a rebuild. Put him out there to do better or do worse I don't care. He can earn his salary in boos.

tombrunanskyAug. 9, 12 3:21 AM

Typical two minute, bullying article here by Reusse. Instead of taking on the task of confronting this teams real problems, he takes the easy way out and makes a scapegoat out of the guy who's played only a few games this season here. We all know Nishi isn't going to cut it, we knew it a year ago. To lazy to do your homework Reusse? Or just too afraid to criticize the Twins management and other players? Either way, I this article gets an F grade.


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