Cravaack wants more money to arm pilots

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 7, 2012 - 10:02 PM

He calls them last line of defense as White House has sought cuts. ;laskdf poiwe. The White House questions value of the $25 million program. No pilot has purposely fired a shot in 10 years.

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gilby99Aug. 7, 1210:15 PM

Not a good idea. We need guns out of planes not gunfights within.

mickex05Aug. 7, 1210:23 PM

A very stressful occupation, and he wants to arm them...

jcinmnAug. 7, 1210:34 PM

Yes!!! Get into a shootout with an armed terrorist, fill the cabin full of lead, shoot holes in the cabin walls and depressurize the cabin. We've come a ways since your glory days Marshall Chip. Why not require bullet proof bulkheads and body armor for the flight crew?

jcinmnAug. 7, 1210:36 PM

How about Tazers for the flight attendants so they can take them down from behind while they're trying to shoot their way into the flight deck?

jralvigAug. 7, 1211:06 PM

Why doesn't this guy worry more about all the northern MN people suffering from flooding in his district than this stuff? Because he just doesn't get it. His family lives in New Hampshire and he shows up in MN once a month....

freedumb86Aug. 7, 1211:19 PM

This is going to be his failed legacy.

steavis61067Aug. 8, 1212:33 AM

Gee, none of you researched anything except the usual partisan grab bag of misconceptions and lies. First, you realize that it's pilots, co-pilots and navigators in the program, and only a select group get the training. I had to laugh at the poster who said the attendants should have tasers instead. Uh, no, for the same reason prison guards normally aren't armed (possible access to weapons by the ones who shouldn't). And I laughed hardest about Cravaack not living in his district because his wife moved. Already disproved by the Strib, and you're beginning to sound like a birther.

kruzelcAug. 8, 1212:44 AM

I'm not sure this program needs to be funded, but more arms out there WOULD stop crap like the CO shootings and MKE shootings from going so far. You never heard about this BS in Texas where everyone has a sidearm.

utah79Aug. 8, 12 1:16 AM

I'm against having pilots armed, so with that said, allow me to retort a few posters. 1) Chip is a retired airline captain. I value his opinion on the matter more than I do yours. 2) Chip serves on numerous sub-committees that involve aviation and homeland security. So while some posters feel the need to take a cheap shot and ask what he's doing for northern MN, he's also doing his appointed job serving on the aviation sub-committee. 3) They ought get rid of the air marshal program. The only thing an air marshal has done so far was kill a mentally ill person.

usmc1127Aug. 8, 12 1:42 AM

This program is a MUCH more economical decision than the absolute waste that is the TSA. No matter what is banned on planes, there will always be the next item that is a threat. That item making it through will just be another excuse to get even MORE invasive on the American people. We are $15 trillion in debt, and they want to cut $12.5 million out of this program? Stupid. Get rid of the TSA


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