Open land falling to the plow

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 6, 2012 - 10:53 PM

In the last four years, 37,000 square miles of prairie and wetlands were converted for crops, analysis finds.

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bogustarskiAug. 6, 1212:23 PM

Dow will make sure that the insurance subsidies increase. More crop land, more round-up ready seeds, more herbicides, more corp. profits, some of which go to lobbying. You know the drill. Now a lot fo the weeds are becoming immune to round-up, so what do they do? Add more additives (more varioations of pesticides. Which is a temporary work-around.

kcmamaAug. 6, 1212:29 PM

bogustarski, ain't that always the case? It's just like the push for better border control and more arrests of illegal aliens: that legislation was written and is being pushed by the lobby that works for private prisons. Ya always - ALWAYS - gotta follow the money.

andersod62Aug. 6, 1212:40 PM

"in an attempt to persuade Congress to tie federal agricultural subsidy programs for farmers to how they implement conservation practices on their land." Again, here is one thing Environazis do not comprehend... or they choose to just ignore it..., "...conservation practices on THEIR land." Get it.. ? it's THEIR land, when you own the land then you can do what you want on it, until then please shut up and quit sticking your nose in to other peoples business. Oh, and good luck to ya trying to get Congress to remove subsidies to their own constituents, who by the way pay their Congressmen and Senators very well to keep those subsidies flowing.

wtfwaldoAug. 6, 1212:50 PM

When you drive the demand for artificial fuel (e-85) with subsidies provided by the taxpayers, then you add on the Quantitative Easing that makes American dollar worth less (driving exports of grain), you have a situation where no self-respecting grower is going to let acreage sit idle with ground cover when they can be making $8.00 a bushel for corn. The sad irony is that while tree-huggers are pissed off, so are the pheasant lovers. Take this much grassland out of use and the birds will have a hard time making it w/ scarce fencerows. Karma at work here folks. of QEIII will further drive the price for corn, just as the drought in the heart of corn and bean country takes on another few weeks of torrid conditions. Yes, this is all interconnected, but it's outside our hands. Nature works it's wonder on such things, and those who convert CRP land to corn can at least put semi-productive land to use, and plant some switchgrass and native flowers.

EleanoreAug. 6, 12 1:20 PM

Crop insurance is not within the governments authority sphere when it's backed by unlawfull taxation to cover the losses. The sooner we're out of this the better. Let the private sector offer it if it's worth the cost.

bosshogAug. 6, 12 1:28 PM

andersod62: people don't OWN the land.. What you do on "your" land can effect other people and the environment. Should you be allowed to dam a creek going through your property that then prevents anyone else downstream for using it? Should you be allowed to dump nuclear waste on your property? This selfish attitude that you can do whatever you want without regard to your "neighbor" is what causes a lot of problems in this world.

imkirokAug. 6, 12 1:45 PM

So if I lived next door to you and dumped a bunch of toxic chemicals on my side of the fence, but it ran into your yard and made you sick and lowered your property values, you'd be ok with that because I dumped it on MY property?

rsw71756Aug. 6, 12 1:52 PM

I can make a risk-free farmland return of $575,000 a year putting my 2,300 acres in Iowa in the CRP conservation program. Or I can make a $1.8 Million dollar net profit growing corn and selling it to China. What do you think I am going to do? Sell it to the Chinese of course and produce corn for them. They really, really, need Iowa corn to feed there 500 Million pigs a year they raise over there. I do feel like I am just basically working for the Chinese in growing corn for them, but there checks never bounce.

LiberalOne46Aug. 6, 12 1:57 PM

Mandate ethanol, corn prices go to $8.00 a gallon and prairie flowers get plowed under. What caused the prairie grass to be destroyed? Liberal do gooders who are now lamenting the damaged environment. If government controlled all land usage, established commodity prices, and restricted automobile usage, we would have liberal utopia and more of this type problems. Liberal can't see the broader picture, just the narrow focus of their current agenda item.

carbonbigfutAug. 6, 12 2:01 PM

Where can I get a better deal, growing corn for government-subsidized ethanol, or having the government pay me not to grow anything?


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