Payouts reveal brutal, rogue Metro Gang Strike Force

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 5, 2012 - 5:15 PM

Settlement for victims includes $6,000 for toddler kicked in head.

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scavengersAug. 5, 1212:12 AM

All of these rogue officers should have their names published so we know who they were. They have lost all credibility, they are now worthless.

istarlin22Aug. 5, 12 1:44 AM

Many people who have suffered under those illegal actions of now-defunct Metro Gang Strike Force are uninformed the settlement. I hope the relevant authorities would make efforts to outreach the victims, and stop the lawyers pocket in most of the fund.

oceansofcakeAug. 5, 12 4:24 AM

It's nice to see that a city can realize a mistake and correct it instead of standing up to defend their every action in the name of "justice."

minneg56Aug. 5, 12 6:05 AM

Some ugly stories here. I can't begin to imagine the type of stress in this type of work. It sounds as if the stress has manifested in bad decision making. I guess these are the things which happen when people in power who feel entitled and think they're above the law -hire people who then think THEY too are above the law! Sounds like the strike force members may have watched too many episodes of The Shield.

halfabubbleAug. 5, 12 6:36 AM

Even if most of these crimes were commited by a few cops (a big if), the "not bad" cops don't deserve any credit because they did nothing to stop the "bad" cops from continuing to do the things they did for all the years this went on. Besides, $6,000 for getting assaulted by an officer??? $6,000 for your constitutional rights against unreasonable searches and seizures? These amounts are hardly enough to send a message that people's rights cannot be kicked/punched/raided away. Cops are not above the law, and these cops thought they were above the law.

elind56Aug. 5, 12 6:56 AM

These rogue officers broke all manner of laws. Are any of them being prosecuted or being held personally liable for any of these payouts? Is it just the taxpayers paying for their misdeeds? Wrong on so many levels.

flakerangerAug. 5, 12 7:01 AM

This situation should give the Minneapolis Mayor and City Council pause as they move to further strip the independence of the Police Civilian Review Authority and place it under internal affairs (with the blessing of the "Civil Rights" Dept. Evidence-based research shows that police forces are unable to police themselves. Continued politicalization of this issue vis a vis attempts to placate the union and silence the community is short-sighted. Best practices show that police forces will proceed more ethically and provide citizenry their constitutional rights, including the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, when civilian oversight is supported. Such oversight should not be subjected to the political subtexts of the Civil Rights Dept or Internal Affairs. Historically mismanaged, the Civil Rights Dept. is ill-equipped to house the Civilian Review Authority. The Minneapolis Police Department Internal Affairs is the wrong place to ensure oversight and to ensure citizens are afforded their constitutionally protected rights.

drfranktAug. 5, 12 7:03 AM

Any payouts should be taken directly from those cops paychecks!

CangloAug. 5, 12 7:06 AM

First of all, it not rogue officers. There might be a few bad ones. But it's Minneapolis as a whole. These payouts are what the city does. If a police officer looks at you wrong, you can sue and they will pay out. Anyone who sues will get a good lump of cash. Totally not right....I feel bad for the kid, but that is not even close to the norm.

krump56Aug. 5, 12 7:20 AM

These payouts are proof of nothing. Minneapolis and the metro area have decided it is cheaper to write checks than than support law enforcement in a court of law. If the agencies these officers work for believe they truly committed crimes, they would fire them and prosecute them. This is a business decision. Any persons in this country illegally should be deported immediately. They are breaking the law!


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