How to word amendments? Good question.

  • Article by: D.J. TICE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 5, 2012 - 9:52 PM

Not one of the dueling titles this year is as brazenly manipulative as the title of the 2008 ballot question was.

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fwallenAug. 4, 12 8:21 PM

This is the best job this guy will ever have. He'd be smart to abide by the bureaucrats motto, stay low and go slow. By sticking his nose where it doesn't belong he is taking a big risk.

furguson11Aug. 4, 12 8:22 PM

I say throw the bill text out there. If the public saw how convoluted it was, they'd never vote for it.

pumiceAug. 4, 12 8:25 PM

Subtitle: "Not one of the dueling titles this year is as brazenly manipulative as the title of the 2008 ballot question was." The difference being that the electorate was aware that we were voting to raise taxes on ourselves; the text of the amendment bluntly stated that our natural resource and cultural legacy would be funded "by increasing the sales and use tax rate beginning July 1, 2009, by three-eighths of one percent on taxable sales until the year 2034?" and there was a specific plan for divvying up the proceeds. Besides, the Legacy Amendment had a long history; the version to which we said "Yes" was a compromise which combined two somewhat overlapping constituencies (nature supporters and arts/culture supporters) and got the job done. From DJ Tice's commentary: "The Legacy Amendment, of course, had broad bipartisan support, so no one objected." Those criteria were not met in this year's amendments. In addition, the text of the photo id amendment lacks implementation specificity.

swschradAug. 4, 12 8:30 PM

any amendment that is not writable in two sentences of under 12 words each is a convoluted mess that should not be in a Constitution. And IMPHO every amendment title should be, "And here's another chain on your leg, if you vote yes... "

pitythefoolsAug. 4, 12 8:57 PM

Why are the Republicans opposed to full disclosure on the ballot? As far as I'm concerned, include the ENTIRE bill with the ballot. Thinking person would vote against it in a New York Minute.

roymercerAug. 4, 12 9:20 PM

Marriage between a man and a woman. Hmmm... How much more elucidation is required?

pdxtranAug. 4, 12 9:48 PM

roymercer: You realize, don't you, that even if the marriage amendment is defeated, same-sex marriage will still be illegal in Minnesota? But attitudes are clearly changing, especially among young people, and the Republicans know it. More and more states and countries are allowing same-sex civil marriage, and the sky has not fallen down on any of them.

However, the Republicans have done nothing on jobs, nothing but propose tax reductions for the rich and budget cuts for the poor, blame public employees for everything but the summer heat wave, and try to pass bills on hot button social issues. They KNOW that their economic ideology doesn't work--at least the smart ones do--so they try to keep their constituents happy by appealing to their prejudices.

lindsaytAug. 4, 1210:13 PM

Nicely written, I agree. I was shocked that constitutional amendments here don't require that the full text be displayed in the ballot.

Mippy1Aug. 5, 12 1:14 AM

The 2008 amendment was in fact deceptively titled by the legislature. I voted against it knowing that a majority of voters would approve it mostly because they didn't understand what it was. The same holds true for the amendments on the ballot this year. If voters took the time to understand what these things actually do, they would vote them down. The problem is that most voters will rely on slanted TV spots and the titles to decide how to vote. It's sad that so many take our democratic system so casually. They will have the government they deserve.

anaradAug. 5, 12 5:23 AM

Its really very simple, 1) Should same sex couples be permitted to marry? Yes or No 2) Should you have to have an approved ID card in order to vote? Yes or No


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