Democrats support for gay marriage alienates black pastors

  • Article by: STAR PARKER , Scripps Howard News Service
  • Updated: August 3, 2012 - 12:30 PM

As Democrats institutionalize their support for same sex-marriage, their relationship with the party's most loyal constituency, black Americans, becomes increasingly uneasy.

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shushyn78Aug. 3, 1212:49 PM

African-Americans are taken for granted no matter how far Left the Democratic Party goes. Make your voice heard.

william2mnAug. 3, 1212:59 PM

White pastors used to use the bible to rally against Mixed Race Marriage - heck they used the bible to say blacks weren't even really people. How many of the black clergy preach heavily about evils of Adultery and Wealth? Jesus was very clear on many topics but never once mentioned homosexuality.

ivaro3Aug. 3, 12 1:02 PM

Bogus! When I read the part that says new HIV is coming from men having sex with other men, that leads me to conclude this. If there was not such a strong bias against gays in the black culture, and it were more accepted, these closeted men wouldn't get married and the heterosexual marriages would be more intact as a result. When gays are accepted, everybody wins.

steavis61067Aug. 3, 12 1:10 PM

The writing on the wall on this issue came in the 2008 election in California. President Obama won the state in a landslide, and the number of African-American voters was the highest ever measured. However, a same-sex marriage initiative was on the same ballot, and it was soundly defeated. Many analysts insisted this was the fault of conservatives, but deeper analysis indicated it was the African-American vote against same-sex marriage which defeated it in California in 2008. The same African-Americans who voted at 95% for Obama in Cali defeated gay marriage there.

muggsh2oAug. 3, 12 1:15 PM

The black pastors are the least of the Democrats worry when they make gay marriage as part of their platform. Over 50% of independents such as myself will be now vote GOP unless the Democrat candidate can distance themselves from gay marriage. Democrat leadership should take pause and really get a handle on how many Americans really support gay marriage. Taking this stance will alienate the party from a huge population of Americans and for what...less than 1% of the population who want to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Maybe since the Democrats were the slave owners and the supporters of all the Jim Crow laws and the KKK, they think this is the way to vindicate the party. Gay marriage is not a civil rights movement. No party can win an election without the support of independents like me.

flatstanleyAug. 3, 12 1:18 PM

This is not a religious issue but a legal one. We are not asking Catholics, lutherans, evangelicals, Presbyterians, Methodists, Mormons, Muslims, or Jews to accept and/or recognize Gay Marriage at their places of worship. We are simply asking that our state and federal Government recognizes gay couples constitutional right for equal protection under the law. If your church does not recognize these unions and will not perform a ceremony for a gay couple, then that's 100% ok. However your religious opinion should have zero impact on determining which of our citizens are protected under the constitution and which are not.

danderson60Aug. 3, 12 1:19 PM

---They are driven by commitment to biblical truths and the direct challenge to and rejection of these truths by social acceptance of homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage---Biblical truths? Where in the bible do you find the Gospel according to Judas Or the Gospel according to Mary Magdalene? Do you know that Jesus was not considered Divine until the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD? People take the bible way to literally and the problem with that is that men decided what was included and EXCLUDED in the bible.

pumiceAug. 3, 12 1:20 PM

From the article: "HIV/AIDS is devastating black America. Reading the grim statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes clear that this plague is driven, first and foremost, by homosexual behavior." Follow-up questions: (1) Is the HIV/AIDS plague in black America driven, first and foremost, by homosexual behavior? (2) Does more homosexual-HIV/AIDS-spreading-behavior occur in same-sex marriages or in prison? (3) "The estimated rate of new HIV infections for [American] black women was more than 15 times as high as the rate for white women, and more than three times as high as that of Latina women... [85% of these] black women with HIV acquired HIV through heterosexual sex." Question: Is that fact caused by same-sex marriage? (4) "Most children born with HIV in Africa die before their fifth birthday. The few who receive antiretroviral treatment can expect to live longer, but it would be much better if they were never infected in the first place. The vast majority of the two million children living with HIV in Africa would have been born healthy had their mothers received the kind of preventive care found in Western countries." Do the 3700 black pastors think these millions of children are coming from homosexual behavior and same-sex marriages?

lovingsonAug. 3, 12 1:25 PM

Jesus was very clear on many topics but never once mentioned homosexuality. ______________ Matthew 19: 4-6 says differently. And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder

LiberalOne46Aug. 3, 12 1:25 PM

Finally some principled Christian democrats take an honorable position and do not look for biblical justification for gay marriage. Their conscience is more powerful than their support for Obama. One has to respect that.


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