Mpls. tells 'Backpage' owner to stop sex ads

  • Article by: MASAKO HIRSCH and PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: August 3, 2012 - 10:25 AM

City Council was unanimous in its request, citing cases of teen prostitution tied to the website.

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trudgeAug. 2, 1211:25 AM

Shut the site down for aiding and abetting prostitution and child endangerment. Punish the John's severely.

ZombiehunterAug. 2, 1211:52 AM

Twenty cases over the span of seven months? Sounds like a tempest in a teapot to me. I would be inclined to keep the site up as it makes it easier to bag the perpetrators.

nelsonerinAug. 2, 1211:57 AM

Call your city council member and tell them the landlord in the Oliver Ave incident (Mahmood Khan) should have his rental license revoked. Minneapolis is too soft on landlords that continually rent to criminals. Mahmood knew he was renting to a criminal before this happened.

minnexyzAug. 2, 1211:57 AM

I quit reading City Pages years ago because I was grossed out by the all the sex ads.

rhankinsAug. 2, 1212:20 PM

The reason they're on backpage is because craigslist cracked down.

zekim09Aug. 2, 1212:26 PM

It is incredibly stupid to shut down's adult section. Craigslist used to have a similar section. When they shut it down, all of the traffic simply migrated to a different web-site. Shut down's adult section and the same thing will happen. Shut down enough US sites and the ads will go offshore where local law enforcement will not be able to request information from the web-site. It is far better to have a US-based web-site that US law enforcement can develop a working relationship with so that they can quickly track down the crooks. By all accounts, does cooperate with law-enforcement.

riverrat76Aug. 2, 1212:39 PM

While I don't like or agree with the fact that this site is exploiting women I also think it's a waste of time, money and breath for these city councils to be passing laws like this. If they are truly concerned about this they should spend their time lobbying the Feds who actually have jurisdiction on this. Remember a few years back when cities were coming out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? What does this accomplish other than distracting the city from topics they have control over? What's next? The school board comes out against Obama-care or the state of MN asks Syrian leaders to step down? Here's an idea get the cops out there and use the website against those that are using it. Bust some people and make an example of them. That will accomplish a hack of a lot more than hollow threats against a website.

spunk2Aug. 2, 1212:54 PM

Decriminalize prostitution, license brothels, collect payroll taxes and tax profits as well..... It's the american way. Let free markets determine their viability, not more government.

swatisedAug. 2, 1212:56 PM

1) freedom of speech protection will halt this approach. (2)fis this problem with business ADVERTISING-regulation. Require that only licensed and inpsected "operators" should are allowed to advertise.

Maxx102Aug. 2, 1212:58 PM

First - Backpage isn't just for the adult related items. It's a competitor to Craigslist so they have listings for garage sales, apartment rentals, used cars, car parts, and other legitimate uses. Second - Just like Craigslist, when the adult ads were taken down, they went to Backpage. If they go away from Backpage, they'll just end up on another website.


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