Soccer fans want say on Vikings stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 1, 2012 - 9:57 PM

With Vikings controlling effort to bring in top U.S. pro league, a group aims to keep focus on the other football.

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jtranbyAug. 1, 1210:09 PM

This is like building a 5 star restaurant and having the bathroom attendant demanding to be part of the restaurant design.

toddhans11Aug. 1, 1210:26 PM

I would be much more interested in how the stadium is going to be baseball-ready for college games as they discussed. Soccer fields should fit pretty easily in there as it does in the Metrodome with little changing.

cluke2Aug. 1, 1210:41 PM

Good luck dealing with the greedy beggar Ziggapoos Wilf. It's the people's stadium as long as he gets the profits from the games, corporate boxes, concessions, parking, and probably from light rail if he can squeeze that out of the taxpayers' pockets.

scottythrobAug. 1, 1210:52 PM

Is there anyone who wants to pay for a ticket to see a soccer game. Look at all the revenue for American soccer now. Soccer fans keep dreaming.

chuckdancerAug. 1, 1210:53 PM

I think these guys are off base. The people involved in building this stadium aren't stupid, they know about soccer and they will be careful to not damage the value of the stadium for soccer. Soccer fans are the dopes; they should have been helping Ziggy get the deal done a long time ago.

nodon7Aug. 1, 1210:57 PM

Soccer sucks. I would literally rather watch paint dry.

Quixote71Aug. 1, 1210:59 PM

soccer fans want a say on the stadium? about after the citizens of Minneapolis get their say on the referendum...oh yah, I almost forgot that our votes count less than those of soccer fans.

DufferHAug. 1, 1211:05 PM

This is a hoot. Laidig and his bunch don't even have a team in sight and they want a say in how the stadium is built. Get a team and then maybe you can talk. And yeah, professional soccer has been such a success here in the past -- NOT. Maybe rugby and cricket fans should be consulted too.

clrkyyAug. 1, 1211:07 PM

Hey Laidig: You can bet they are going to maximize the football experience at soccer's expense. Are you so delusional that you believe we actually should minimze the football experience to accomodate the Minnesota Kicks 2.0? Don't worry, beer will be sold at soccer games and, based on the Kicks games I went to, all will be fine.

michaelpatrickAug. 1, 1211:07 PM

The MLS doesn't want its soccer in this big stadiums. They want smaller-soccer stadiums. They get 19,000 a game. They want fans closer to the field, to the action. They realized that some of the problems with pro soccer attempts in the past was this stadium issue. Aside from that, it is repugnant that the Vikes get any rights at all to whether a pro soccer team plays in the stadium or not. It's not their stadium. They got that included in their sweetheart deal of a stadium that thye only pay 1/3 of or so. Where was the public debate abou whether to give them taht? There was none. Did someone think the Vikes would move to LA unless they were given exclusives rights to bring an MLS team to the new satdium? Shouldn' the MLS decide that. Once again, the 1% is coddled with special, unnecessary treatment. "Hey, let's help the Wilfs get even richer off soccer!"


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