Michele Bachmann: Beware of radical Islam

  • Article by: MICHELE BACHMANN
  • Updated: August 1, 2012 - 7:10 PM

I'm on the case because someone has to question Obama administration's indulgence.

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goferfanzAug. 1, 12 6:58 PM

Got get 'em Michelle. It's nice to see we have at least one representative with some backbone in this state. Amazingly, our usual players had no comment in 2008 with then candidate Sen Obama calling then sitting President Bush "unpatriotic." Total silence. Yet, let a strong leader like Rep Bachmann align with other elected officials to ask the simplest of security questions, and listen to the "howls of indignation." This country has reached a level of cognitive dissonance under this President that is almost unfathomable. Fortunately, an election looms...........let's hope the ~50% pulling the cart remind the ~50% in the cart about the things that made America great.

yodalukeAug. 1, 12 7:02 PM

While some of your cocerns are valid, you dont explain why you wish to investigate American Muslims including an aide to the sos and a fellow member of congress. Try taking responsibility for your fear and hatemongering actions and apologize pubicily to them

spillguyAug. 1, 12 7:03 PM

This is a first for me, Shelly is right. We need to be aware of radical islamist groups and investigate them and prosecute them if they are quilty of something. We also need to be aware of radical conservative groups and radical liberal groups as well and investigate them and prosecute them if they are guilty of something.

satullAug. 1, 12 7:04 PM

Chicken Little: "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" Seriously Michelle when you can actually get facts straight and quit saying outrageous, untrue, just plain crazy things maybe someone would take you serious. But when you can't even get basic facts straight no one will believe you. By the way, your attack against Planned Parenthood, had you even ever bothered to go on their website you would know that there is only 1, I repeat 1, PP clinic that does abortions and it is in St. Paul, that means the majority of abortions are done in local hospitals and clinics not PP! PS-Obama is not a muslim, and just because he is friends with muslims doesn't mean he has Anti-American views or is secretly trying to turn our country over to Sharia law. Because if you actually read our constitution you would know that no religious sect makes the laws or enforces any in this country! Wake up and get a clue!

Greg63Aug. 1, 12 7:15 PM

"Whatever the reasons for it, Washington's political and media establishment fears an honest discussion about the real threat to this country posed by radical Islam. "---- The key word in Ms Bachmanns statement is ..."honest". This current endeavor of hers is lacking honesty, integrity, and common sense. To begin with, what, if any, footwork has she conducted privately on any of the matters listed. Could it be that Ms Bachmann has attempted to gain knowledge of matters she has no access to and more importantly shouldn't? It's no secret that Bachmann is in the business of creating controversy where none exists and routinely does so by warping the truth and/or out right lying. The first paragraphs make note of what congressperson Bachmann should be focused on however, she has not brought a bit of relief to her district ...nada, nuttin', zilch. This fiasco is simply one more attempt to veil the fact that all she really does for her constituents (and our state) is make them look like fools.

barry392002Aug. 1, 12 7:20 PM

Can on one stop this endless persecution this woman is peretrating on the American public. She is wasting thousands, and perhaps millions of dollars in wasted time. Would the money she and all of her aids are paid not be better spent working on real legislation that may actually help those she represents? In my opinion all of the money and benefits she has been paid over the years has been a severe waste of our tax dollars. She has accomplished virtually nothing with the exception of putting a black mark on the state of Minnesota.

jock1mnAug. 1, 12 7:22 PM

Ms. Bachmann it is your duty as a member of Congress to represent and work for the citizens of the 6th congressional district. Since becoming my representative, I have yet to hear you speak or talk about how you have added value to this area, how you have strengthened the lives of those living here financially, economically, socially and politically. Whether it is your intent or not, it is my impression you are not here for me or my fellow 6th congressional family. You work for yourself, to promote yourself and your own agenda. It has been disappointing to say the least. You will not be getting my support this year. Good luck.

tokyotimAug. 1, 12 7:25 PM

Michele has not done one constructive thing since she took office - okay maybe the bridge in Stillwater - and is usually a blocker to any legislation that might improve the quality of life for those who are less fortunate. Her vote to not increase taxes on the wealthy but also her vote to increase the loan rate for students is but one example of her vision for the country's future. Her incompetence is highlighted by her attempt to pin the responsibility for radical Islam on the Obama administration. For the sake of the country, vote this inept, self serving woman out of office.

chesterhimesAug. 1, 12 7:30 PM

Two choices... seriously? It's that sort of binary absolutist thinking coupled w/ shameless fear-mongering & obfuscation that continually makes Bachmann such a sad, sad joke. Not to mention a festering blemish on our state & national political scenes. I'm surprised that the Strib would waste pixels in providing a forum for her tired & McCarthyist-style demagoguery. Better check under the bed w/ a flashlight & a shotgun, those "radical Islamists" are sure to be there waiting to pounce.

pinky1933Aug. 1, 12 7:38 PM

it should come as no surprise. Bachmann has never concerned herself with either her own credibility nor indicated the least concern over the accuracy of her public statements. she was educated by teachers who distorted history to conform with their religious narratives, and never seemed curious why their versions of history differed from most others because she repeated them again and again to people who had learned a different history. the most generous conclusion is that Bachmann is a rather careless individual but methinks this all just a fundraising ploy to draw-in monies from out-state tea party/radical right sources.


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