A draining war between couple and Blaine

  • Article by: JANE FRIEDMANN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 28, 2012 - 5:42 PM

For two years, a Blaine couple have been fighting City Hall over a drainage problem caused by an adjoining development. The city's attempts to control the runoff have helped, but the homeowners remain unsatisfied.

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juliecarJul. 28, 12 8:15 PM

"In July 2011, he proposed a solution based on his reading of city rules: A 3-foot setback, a 4-foot-high retaining wall and a swale leading to a city sewer nearby. The idea gained no traction." It gained no traction because it would work and they are embarassed because they didn't think of it first. The homeowner is well within his rights too.

dixiecorpJul. 28, 12 9:13 PM

the city said okay to the project plans they should fix it.

rosetownjimJul. 28, 12 9:31 PM

Apparently the city engineer was not qualified to see what was going to happen. Therefore the city should be responsible to correct the problem and cover whatever cost it takes. Then fire the city engineer and use his salary to cover the costs.

tietacJul. 28, 1211:23 PM

Government thinks that it can bulldoze over property owner rights. They are wrong! The Cities only interest is in having a new buiding to tax to feed their out of control budget. Citizens, speak up. You Can fight City Hall. You are the boss.

EleanoreJul. 29, 12 8:09 AM

Blaine should be paying 100% for a full mtigation of this sloppy work. Plus a penalty to the couple for their effort. No question. Arrest Blaine, under the recent citizens united it should be a person too.

thatisright1Jul. 29, 12 8:54 AM

Keep fighting the fight; remember, you pay their salaries!

thatisright1Jul. 29, 12 9:00 AM

I really question the sanity of people that want more government. Between the flood insurance debacle and myriad cases such as this, government has demonstrated that it IS the problem and NOT the solution. Government should strictly manage the basics (e.g., roads, infrastructure, public schools, science/research, and defense). I can't wait to see what happens with healthcare.

thatisright1Jul. 29, 12 9:07 AM

I find it peculiar that the city managers are fed up with this home owner; well, what the hell would they feel like if this idiotic approval for development was next to their yard? A previous poster hit the nail on the head; most cities don't give a damn about scientifically defensible or common sense development, they just want more tax dollars rolling into the coffers. This same mentality is endangering the quality of dozens of our most pristine Minnesota lakes as mcmansions are being built adjacent to the lakes with sprawling lawns being fed endless amounts of fertilizer. Between this practice and invasions from exotic species, the future for many of our lakes does not look good in the metro area. Where/when will we wake up and end this madness in other parts of the state that are repeating the same mistakes (i.e., Brainard Lakes area)?

worldcitizenJul. 29, 1210:09 AM

The solution is a D-6 Cat. Should take about an hour to create a dry (really wet) streambed between the 2 properties. By the time someone stopped the project it would be ready for a few loads of 3 - 6 riprap paid for by the city engineer.

lothlornJul. 29, 1212:19 PM

I am not surprised. I used to live in Andover and it seemed like the city just did what ever they liked. Former Gov. Ventura said something about local government is more accountable then State or Federal. I disagree.


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