Next dispute: Should all the disabled have voting rights?

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE and JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 28, 2012 - 7:17 AM

Rights of 22,000 in state are at stake in federal suit.

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jcinmnJul. 27, 1211:00 PM

Let the judges decide. Legislature stay out of it. It has worked for more than 200 years and you have more important things to do.

michaelpatrickJul. 27, 1211:00 PM

Mary Kiffmeyer: First and only MN Sec. of State whose primary objective was/is to reduce the number of people who vote rather than increasing it.

SammyBoyJul. 27, 1211:21 PM

It's absolutely amazing how little faith the Republican party shows in voters and the general populace. The more barriers they raise, the more "limits" they place on who can vote, the more the show themselves to not be the party of individual freedom, but instead are a throwback to the old presumption that only landed, white males should vote. They talk as if they are the only ones who defend the right to make your own choices and live free from government interference, but when it comes down to it, they are the first in line for any act that allows government to rescinds rights and reduces freedom (except for health care, of course). These moves comes across as a blatant attempt to keep their hold on major party status, even as the slice of the population they represent (older white males, strongly religious, and/or rich) drift closer and closer to minority status. There are only two solutions to that electoral problem, but they seem to have nixed the ethical and moral route (expanding your base and platform to include a more diverse slice of the population) in favor of catering ever more exclusively to the dwindling (and dying) partisans. I suppose if this means we would eventual be rid of the extreme-right fringe that make up the most vocal and formative portion of the Republican party, we will be better off. In the mean time, I fear that they will try to continue to write exclusionary and divisive measures into law, or even worse, into constitutions.

sjhuotJul. 27, 1211:27 PM

Well, obviously if they might vote Democratic, no.

bereasonableJul. 28, 1212:07 AM

Heaven forbid anybody ever offered a bill to stop Mary Kiffmeyer from voting. If she keeps this up, she'll be the only eligible voter.

tammy1964Jul. 28, 1212:22 AM

Being a guardian of a adult with a disability, he does know who he wants to vote for. Sorry republicans you lose out. Even with him having autism, he can see right through your game. So if someone with autism can see you for what you really are, what does that say about you?

beaglemomJul. 28, 1212:22 AM

As an election judge I have watched group home workers bring in people who had very limited capacity and assisted them...there are plenty of able bodied people I also feel have limited capacity. I think it is weird that "increasing numbers" is a priority to some people...if people have no interest, I would prefer that those who are informed do the voting. There is no prize for voter turnout.

sarahanneJul. 28, 12 1:23 AM

And anyone whose vote is swayed by TV ads should also be denied to vote. A person who does not recognize that a political ad is has less truth in it then a info ad on TV at 1 in morning does not have the knowledge to vote.

arielbenderJul. 28, 12 1:24 AM

Kiffmeyer should just come clean and admit that if you don't vote for a Republican, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

asmartmanJul. 28, 12 1:44 AM

I think it is wrong to prevent 22,000 people in Minnesota from voting just because someone put them under guardianship. They haven't broken any laws, are U.S. citizens, and in the case of Vets, fought for our right to vote. The allegations in Crow Wing county fell flat, even after they were investigated by the FBI. Who's next on the list of "shouldn't be allowed to vote"? The Republicans seem to be expanding the number of people they don't want to go to the polls, even if those they want to keep away have as much at stake as the rest of us.

If the Republicans are serious about preventing those with mental issues from voting, the entire 6th district wouldn't be able to vote.


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