Star Tribune is woefully misinformed about bikes

  • Article by: ASHANTI AUSTIN
  • Updated: July 27, 2012 - 8:50 PM

"I cannot get over the myths surrounding bicycle theft."

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jarlmnJul. 27, 12 9:32 PM

Also "woefully misinformed" are bicyclists (and motorists) regarding bicycle safety and the rules-of-the-road. Rather than devoting article after article extolling what a "bicycle-friendly" city this is, merely because of the miles of bike paths and lanes, the STRIB should periodically do a spread on bicycle safety and riding rules. Unless BOTH riders and motorists know the rules-of-the-road as pertains to bicyclists, this will never be a bicycle-friendly city by any stretch.

eostromJul. 27, 1210:50 PM

You know who else is misinformed? Preschoolers, about Santa Claus. But that doesn't have anything to do with this article, which is about theft, either. Stupid preschoolers!

Chaz_MackJul. 27, 1211:34 PM

A little more on-topic: I am a bike commuter, lived in south Mpls for years, and have been a victim of bike theft. I no longer live in the city (but close) and I still commute by bike downtown. I store my bikes in the garage but I lock them to the wall (heavy eye-screw in a stud) with a U-lock and cable lock. I recommend this method if you don't have room in your house (which I don't). Always keep locked when not in use. Next tip, keep the garage closed even if you're in and out of the house. All you're doing is advertising what you have (or don't have, I guess). If you practice good bike security, you reduce your risk of being a theft victim by quite a bit, IMHO.

thisislameJul. 27, 1211:49 PM

Price is not really relevant. The "value" of the bike to the owner is. I could have a $5K bike stolen and would just get a new one that day. Others have a $50 bike they need to protect.

bironJul. 28, 12 3:41 AM

I really dislike the term "crime of opportunity". If I saw a car with the keys in or a really nice unlocked bike, I would guard it until the owner appeared or if I found a wallet on the street I would make every effort to return it to the owner. Decent people do not steal other peoples stuff just because the opportunity is there.

CocoLotionJul. 28, 12 7:31 AM

what about "prying the doors, breaking windows" makes it a crime of opportunity??

minneg56Jul. 28, 12 7:55 AM

@thisislame- I totally and completely agree. My garage was broken into the weekend prior to July 4th. My (adult) developmentally disabled son's tandem was stolen in the rash of garage thefts. I bought the bike for him when he was 12-13 years old. My wife and I were elated when we finally found an activity- riding the back of of the tandem -was one of the (very few) activities which he really loved. The value of a 13-14 year old tandem? Well, in this case -irreplaceable as a replacement tandem of similar quality is unfortunately not in the budget. Insurance- with the depreciation and deductible discussion ... well you know how that one turned out. To the thieves- you could ask my son the value of the tandem - if his developmental delays allowed him to talk and give you an answer. So, to you thieves- when you are caught - and you will be - it is my sincere hope that you will be riding bicycle seat posts without the benefit of a saddle for some years in jail. You never know who you are stealing from- in this case it was the lesat of your brothers. Please know in the case of my son's tandem - you didn't just steal a bike from our garage- you stole his favorite summer activity and one of his main connections to his family. So to @thisislame- I couldn't agree with you more. In any case- keep on bikin'.

owatonnabillJul. 28, 12 8:15 AM

"Also, the police don't understand how a bike could cost as much as $4,000, since most of them are not cyclists and do not understand that cycling is a serious and integral part of our culture" ..................... Heh. Maybe to bike shop owners and the few (but obnoxious) Spandex-Clad Faithful. For most of us they're an inconvenience at best and deadly at worst. I was out on the scooter the other day and stopped at a four-way stop. One of The Faithful, duly clad in spandex and with a cute little helmet, was approaching the four-way stop on my left. I stopped, cleared the area and motored on off into the intersection. Guy on the bicycle totally neglected to stop and actually accelerated into the intersection. Fortunately Owatonnabill has learned from hard experience that most of these yokels have no clue so a quick swerve spared him at least some nasty road rash. Integral part of our culture? Maybe. Then again so is terminal moronicity.

wise1Jul. 28, 12 8:45 AM

"For most of us they're an inconvenience at best and deadly at worst."-----Hmmm, 12% of ALL adults in the US are cyclists, a larger group than motorcyclists and motor scooter drivers combined, and they ARE a serious part of our transportation system. I'll not excuse boorish behaviour by ANY user of the roads, but none of that should diminish the seriousness of bicycle theft. I might add that many of the bikes that are stolen are never even used on the road but used almost exclusively offroad.

jbpaperJul. 28, 12 9:16 AM

I guess this is the type of thing that happens when the mayor chooses to cut police while spending millions on bike related expenses.


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