Wolves close in on vet Kirilenko

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 26, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Minnesota moved closer to a deal for the Russian and sent away Wes Johnson, drafted fourth overall in 2010.

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puckheadsJul. 25, 12 8:27 PM

As Favre would say, "The pieces r in place!! lol

sidhartmannJul. 25, 12 8:31 PM

Kahn is determined to overpay in every possible way, giving away a number one pick and Wes Johnson, then giving AK 10 mill a year when he didn't have to. I would love to have Kahn at my poker table.

acatloverJul. 25, 12 8:46 PM

HUH???? Kahn is the worst GM in the NBA and it's not even close!! Why is Taylor letting him run this team into the ground? So we give away Johnson and a #1 pick for a washed up forward and on top of it give him $10 million per year!! You've got to be kidding me!! The Wolves deserve to lose after pulling this kind of stuff. It was nice knowing you K-Love :(

gsacksJul. 25, 12 9:01 PM

So looking at this off-season in whole, we traded away or let go Wes Johnson, Beasley, Webster, Ellington, Darko!, Randolph, Miller (retiring) AND this year's 1st round draft pick and a future 1st round pick. We added Chase Budinger, a 1/2 crippled Brandon Roy (who might still be worth it), Russian Rubio, AK47, 2nd round pick Hummell, some guy named Cunningham, and got back Miller (still retiring). Overall this probably does represent improvement since the guys they got rid of were mostly dead weight, although Beasley and to a lesser extend Johnson could still develop into solid NBA players. The players who were added are probably good team players and not locker-room cancer, but none of them are going to light it up. Could be enough to push the wolves into playoff contention, but not past the 1st round, unless Love/Rubio/Pek all improve on last year, and Williams finally breaks out.

freethepressJul. 25, 12 9:22 PM

All you Kahn howlers better double down and get that stuff out of your system soon...the Wolves are going to be a good team next season. Don't worry, you'll still have the Vikings to practice your defeatist "oy gevalt! We are SUCH losers!" wailings on...

sidhartmannJul. 25, 12 9:31 PM

Freethepress, I agree the Wolves will be better this year and I will cheer them on. Unfortunately we are sacrificing the future so KAAAAAHN can save his job. His blunders are well documented reality and hard to ignore.

jpweisserJul. 25, 12 9:32 PM

why do we have to overpay for everyone? $10M a year for Kirilenko? What a joke!!!!!

mobyclarkeJul. 25, 12 9:40 PM

Thanks Free, you are so right to point out the wonderfulness that will be the David Kahn Wolves. I mean, these guys will rival the 1999 wolves. They might squeak into the playoffs, then be dismissed by the #1 seed and we will just say, "Wait till next year!". Except that AK47 will be 32 and injured, again, Roy will still be on the DL from this year and retire again, Rubio will just be getting back into shape from his injury and Love will be just 2 years from heading to his next NBA destination. But, you are correct, we will have a better winning percentage than .394. Thank you for pointing out the error of our thoughts.

tjtwinsfanJul. 25, 12 9:54 PM

European team are the pups. Shved,Kirlenko,Pek,Rubio. Thanks Kahnny for helping foreigners be millionaires. Try spending the money on americans.

tjtwinsfanJul. 25, 12 9:58 PM

Kahnny cleaning house once again. But this time it is all his picks he got rid of. Good going Kahnny!!!


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