A heck of a phone call for ESPN to miss

  • Article by: JUDD ZULGAD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 6, 2008 - 6:51 PM

Chris Mortensen was on the air when Packers quarterback Brett Favre called to provide reasons behind his decision to retire.

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nvonarbMar. 6, 08 9:58 PM

To hell with cable, you can lease the Dish or Direct TV for the same price and see all the Gopher games. What are you waiting for? Big companies take forever to make a decision, this could be 2-3 more years of squabbling. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying all of the Gopher games in High Def no less. I love the BTN and you will to when you switch to satelite.

invikefanMar. 6, 0810:37 PM

AMEN! I'm in Indiana and enjoy EVERY Gopher game!

pllouwagieMar. 7, 08 3:46 AM

Unfortunately, this is all about money from both sides. Whenever an agreement is made, both sides will make more money, all at the cost of the viewer. This is a monopoly that should be regulated. College ball shouldn't be about money.

thisiscrapMar. 7, 08 5:26 AM

Now that BTN,for profit,has wedged themselves between college sports fans and the schools that they already pay for with taxes How long will it be before they raise the price and how long will it be before all Pro sports start create their own networks to extract every cent from the fans that they know will pay. There was a time I would not miss a gopher game now I really don’t care about Gopher football and am wondering why I am paying for a new stadium that I will most likely never see. Cut all funding from U of M athletic funding from our state budget and let the so called true fans that subscribe to the in the BuT Network pay for any facility

skcroogeMar. 7, 08 5:57 AM

Shouldn't they work a bit on their daily routine?

theisen9407Mar. 7, 08 7:07 AM

While I wish that the BTN could just put up a big antenna and make their programs free over the air, I guess today's economics allow them to get $$ from the satellite & cable companies. I switched to DirecTV from Comcast & couldn't be happier. I'm saving about $40/month, I have more channels including NFL & Tennis channel. I think the final straw was when Comcast raised all of its fees across the board in January while in the middle of their BTN negotiations - gee, one would think that rate hike alone would have helped them pick up the BTN.

FrenchmanMar. 7, 08 7:15 AM

People need to call their legislators to change the way cable is sold. The monopoly has to end. The cable line should be shared by more than one company so competition will drive the price down. We need more options then basic and basic plus. Let us select the channels we want to pay for...then we will see out Minnesota teams we help support with our taxes!!

wobblybox11Mar. 7, 08 7:59 AM

Too full of themselves and too immature in some of their comments

holt0338Mar. 7, 08 8:32 AM

1) the BTN is trying to keep profits from amateur sports within their own institutions instead of having outsiders come in and reap the profits. 2) Many small cable networks that have much lower profit margins than Comcast in greater MN and across the Big Ten region have already signed with the BTN, so this obviously is not about Comcast not being able to afford it. 3) The anticipated income to each school from the BTN is about $5-6 million. For schools like Michigan and Ohio State that have athletic budgets over $100, this is nothing. But for schools like Norhtwestern, Illinois, and the U of M, this is significant and helps to keep us above water.

holt0338Mar. 7, 08 8:37 AM

4) The U has an athletic budget of around $55 million. Nearly all of this does NOT come from the U's overall operating budget. It comes from ticket sales, external revenue streams, marketing, and donations. 5) The overall billion dollar budget at the U makes the $55 million athletic budget pale in comparison. To say that your taxes pay for our athletics is ignorant and best and pathetic at worst. 23% of the U's budget comes from the state. So, in all likihood, not one tax dollar of yours goes to the athletic department.


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