Editorial cartoon: Bachmann billboard

  • Article by: STEVE SACK , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 24, 2012 - 7:24 PM
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zekefaxJul. 24, 1210:24 PM

I choose not to be embarrassed by this hate filled woman. My friends know that I would never support the lies and hatred she spews so regularly. If I lived in the 6th, mine would be a vote for someone else. Good cartoon!

ratsenubirtJul. 25, 12 9:11 AM

I wish I still lived in the 6th district. Since they re-drew the lines I am now in the 5th. I would re-vote for Bachmann anytime.

cpoorkerJul. 25, 1210:53 AM

ratsenubirt - welcome to the 5th! You can move if you wish, but I'm sure you don't want to. Keith Ellison is a great representative who really has the best interests of his CONSTITUENTS in mind. He's not out there drumming up lies, distortions, not desperately seeking attention on fake news and propaganda channels. He's a regular guy from the North Side, drives an old beat up car, stops at the Dairy Queen, very approachable. And he doesn't HATE anyone! Nice to have you in the 5th! Cheers!

slhoffmannJul. 25, 12 2:11 PM

Three days already? My, that's some kind of record, isn't it?

Dog GoneJul. 25, 12 9:20 PM

The billboard concept reminded me of the 'Miss Me Yet?' campaign featuring Bush. NO, we don't miss him at all; most of us still remember very vividly what a horrible job he did. That echoes through on this billboard too - Bachmann has been as bad, or worse, in some ways than Dubya for her district, the state and certainly the entire nation. Dubya profited his friends and supporters; the defrauding of no-bid contractors like Haliburton was only one example of that. Bachmann is out for Bachmann, no one else; those who thin she's smart are fools; those who support her act against their own interests and everyone else's. Yes, slhoffmann - 3 days would be a record; she is more of a constant embarassment than an episodic one.

ehenlyJul. 27, 1210:48 AM

I'm surprised the box of numbers doesn't prominently display a zero, since that would be the one with the most use!

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