Michele Bachmann -- a dangerous fundamentalist?

  • Article by: FRANK BRUNI , New York Times
  • Updated: July 25, 2012 - 9:11 PM

Bachmann's concept of Christian love brims with hate, and she has a deep satchel of stones to throw. From what kind of messiah did she learn that?

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benturnerJul. 24, 12 2:13 PM

Michelle Bachmann accepted campaign donations from the bank HSBC. This bank has laundered money for al qaeda.

twinsajsfJul. 24, 12 2:20 PM

A majority of the 6th District believes that God wants them to vote Anti-Choice, regardless of whether the candidate also embodies myriad other very anti-Christian characteristics. They are true (single-issue) believers, and as such, Michelle Bachmann will continue to serve through many elections to come or until she is expelled.

ztwoodsJul. 24, 12 2:31 PM

A very well written article. I have always found it strange that these so called "conservative christians" have little empathy or compassion for anyone who is not like them or who follow a different belief system. They seem very quick to "cast stones" and judge others. It seems this goes against the teachings they profess to follow. If the God they worship truly condones their behavior then I want nothing to do with their God or religion.

radagastJul. 24, 12 2:32 PM

Bachmann is no true Christian, nor are any of those who think like her. When everything you say is contrary to the teachings of Christ; when your words and deed spread fear, derision, suspicion, hatred, "us vs. them" divisiveness, rather than the love of humanity, *all* humanity, that was the core of Christ's mission, then you are no true follower of Christ. Plain and simple.

nasethJul. 24, 12 2:34 PM

Interesting that the NY Times waited for some evidence to appear (or not) before setting loose with an editorial.

wealthsafeJul. 24, 12 2:35 PM

Michelle is not a hater. She loves her country and will not back down to the press and the media unlike 99% of ALL politicians.

larrymickJul. 24, 12 2:36 PM

Well written. The only difference between the Christian fundamentalist and a Muslim fundamentalist is the entity they call God/Allah. And, truth be told, that entity is one in the same.

emm22wigJul. 24, 12 2:37 PM

Sadly, many that live in her district believe the same. Hateful statements like the ones coming from her are very unfortunate.

shooterzJul. 24, 12 2:39 PM

Republicans, Democrats, they can all go to hell. The problem with this country lies firmly in the hands of both groups.

whallingJul. 24, 12 2:50 PM

The article talks about hate and whether Bachmann has done wrong or not the article is about the most hateful piece I have ever seen. Wow, what an attack that apparently has just been waiting for the right moment to explode. It seems to me that some truth would help the situation here. Let's find out if Bachmann's assertions lead us to some truth. Hopefully, the writer of this piece will agree in advance to "unhate" if she is found to have done the right thing.


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