Stiemsma agrees to offer as Wolves continue casting for free agents

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2012 - 12:00 AM

His agent said the Celtics are unlikely to match the Wolves' offer for the former Wisconsin center, who will back up Nikola Pekovic.

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snoozecruiseJul. 21, 12 9:10 PM

Let me be the first to say: this guy is a hack. Darko has been deep in my doghouse for most of the last two seasons, but defensively, he's simply a better player than Steimsma, and offensively it's a wash: they're both inept. Once again, instead of inspiring a player to get in top shape, Adelman just dumps him because he's unhappy, rightly so, with Darko's lack of conditioning last season. Did he say to him: Mr. Doghouse, you BETTER be in top shape come July 2012 or you're gone. Me thinks not. When Darko was playing for Rambis he blocked and altered shots. He did a little of that last year, too, though last year was a disaster for the whole team once Rubio went down. Don't get me wrong--I am NOT a Darko fan in any way, shape, or form. All I am saying is that, objectively speaking, Darko is better defensively and on the boards than Steimsma. He's also taller, which contributes to his defensive ability. The fact that Kahn was actually able to sign Steimsma should serve as a big red flag. No doubt Kahn is enjoying a deep smirk at this moment, perhaps pitying the GMs on the other teams who lack his basketball acumen.

truthtimeJul. 21, 12 9:50 PM

I don't see where this team has made any improvements. The guys they let go had some issues, but were better athletically than what they've signed and would have benefitted from a full training camp with Adelman. If I was Love, I'd been very disappointed, but excited to be leaving as soon as my contract is over.

yohaahooJul. 21, 1210:20 PM

The "hack" actually was a useful bench member of the Celtics playoff run last season and was 2nd in the NBA in blocks/minute. I can't say I've seen him play much but I'm willing to bet he'll give a more consistent effort than Darko ever did.

messyrabbitJul. 21, 1210:37 PM

Leverage a 3 team trade that sends Love and Pek or Ridnour to Orlando, Bynum & Gasol to MN & Howard to the Lake show. Done. Have a nice summer. We get the second best center in the league & a 7 ft power forward that isn't whining about our franchise & can play defense at the NBA level. Sign Kirilenko to play the 3 & fill out the starting 5 with Roy & Rubio. Then Ridnour & D-Will give us a strong start to our second unit & hopefully D-Will pushes for a starting spot.

snoozecruiseJul. 21, 1211:35 PM

yohaahoo, nor have I seen him play much. What I did see was disturbing, though I was looking for the good in his game. He didn't strike me as having a very high BB IQ. I agree wholeheartedly that his effort will be superior to Darko's, but I still remain convinced that we would be a better team with Darko as the backup to Pek. Maybe Steimsma will surprise me, and if so, I will admit how wrong I was. It's truly sad when I am advocating for Darko over Kahn's lastest coup.

adri0801Jul. 22, 1212:15 AM

The last paragraph of this story makes me want to barf, get me Iggy, Gay, or Granger and I will be really happy.

goldengoph3rJul. 22, 12 1:21 AM

Stiemsma will be a certain upgrade over Darko, who may go down as one of the softest, flakiest first round picks ever. Still, the current core does not inspire a lot of confidence, unless DWill finds a comfort zone at SF. Barring a last minute coup by Kahn, the Wolves will be one of least athletic teams in the NBA.

mplsfonzJul. 22, 12 6:33 AM

So he has two bad feet? Well I still would give him a try at half the $$$

poohrichJul. 22, 12 8:25 AM

Robin Lopez is a restricted free agent, so may be dreaming, but twice the player and maybe available in a sign and trade Wes) at Darko money. Barf crack aside, point taken. This is a game of superstars and "Three Bigs" and we are only a third of the way there. Ask my best to Brandon Roy, and I hope it works out, but I hate that 5 million dollars of cap room is going to an experment. Momentum, cap room, talent...this year was our best chance at something special since KG left, and now we are left handcuffed by contracts and hoping. Our best bet is to hope D-Will gives us our 2nd third of the"Big Three", and management doesn't seem too convinced.

jwillsJul. 22, 1210:33 AM

The only reason Stiesma played last season for Boston was because they were so banged up he had to play. Joe Pryzbilla is available and is a proven shot blocker and rebounder, and a native Minnesota; as well as, an unrestricted free agent, yet do we hear his name mentioned? They mention Dominic McGhee, a career 3 and 3 guy (after 5 seasons), but do not mention Carl Landry who can consistently give you 15 to 17 points off the bench and grab rebounds. They were willing to chase after journey man Jamal Crawford, but scared to bring in Gilbert Arenas. How about Marco Belinelli or Carlos Delfino? Two dangerous shooters with great reputations, and play hard. There are 6 teams that are pretty much locks to make the playoffs - S.A., OKC, DAL, LAL, LAC, MEM - which leaves 2 spots. Have the Wolves improved enough to grab one of those 2 spots? Only if Brandon Roy can play strong, serviceable minutes and Derrick Williams develops. Still we spent an off season where we could have made some moves to slide up the pecking order, instead we stayed pretty much level. People have to also remember, Ricky Rubio may not be part of this team until December at best. So now take him out of the lineup and look at our roster for the first third of the season, in a conference where all the rich teams got richer. If we are lucky we slide into the 8th spot (Phoenix has loaded up and will get a playoff spot). OKC here we come!


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