Pawlenty's lack of pizazz may be just the ticket

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and KEVIN DIAZ , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 22, 2012 - 8:07 AM

This time around, his prospects as vice presidential pick appear brighter.

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danderson60Jul. 21, 1210:25 PM

lack of pizazz? The combination of TPaw and Mittens would be the Un-Dynamic Duo. Combining both their skill levels even make one't competent candidate.

gunflint55Jul. 21, 1210:53 PM

I'm about as Lefty as a person can get, but I do admire Pawlenty to a degree. He is very bright, and is the type of person who loves to learn. T-Paw is naturally more moderate than he pretends to be. He made the Faustian choice to pretend to be a far-Righty, thinking it would help his career. It did, although I think in the end it cost him the Presidency. If he had portrayed himself as two steps to the right of the President (which he is) AND still managed to get the nomination (tough) I think he would have won. In any event, I'd feel safer having Timmy one heart beat away than I would Shelly, Palin, or Jindhal.

chablis28Jul. 21, 1211:10 PM

Pawlenty is certainly a lot more interesting than Obama. Obama's speaks way too much like an over cautious attorney. And as a sucessful two term governor he is amply more qualified than Obama was coming into the presidency having never completed his previous political offices.

steavis61067Jul. 22, 1212:01 AM

I'm not buying it. It'll be Marco Rubio. Florida is too big in this election for it not to be.

jessy09Jul. 22, 1212:14 AM

Pawlenty is a smirking hypocrite and helped our state fall behind in many ways. I would be surprised if he gets the nomination.

jrspacemanJul. 22, 1212:20 AM

T-Paw as a VP would definitely kill Romney's chances of ever being president. Once the rest of the country finds out what Timmy did to Minnesota, with his fees and shifting taxes from the state to the property tax level (which costs us more) and his faux allegiance to the far right, he hasn't got a chance. Putting Pawlenty a heartbeat away from being president is foolish at best, and dangerous in many ways. There is a reason he got booted out of the Republican primaries so quickly...

suzukisvJul. 22, 1212:21 AM

Now there's the faintest of praise ever imaginable! Timmy drove MN right into a ditch (or more like, off a major highway bridge.) He doesn't have anything useful to offer America.

sjhuotJul. 22, 1212:24 AM

Oh, and Bachmann would be Palin to the 4th power. I doubt anyone is seriously considering her!

mrburns2Jul. 22, 12 1:04 AM

A lot of liberal "dislike" voting going on this post. I think it is out of fear that such a moderate team has an excellent chance of winning. People are sick and tired of partisan politics and both these governors have had success in blue leaning states.

luzhishenJul. 22, 12 1:50 AM

Oh, and when do we get to see Willard Mitt Romney's tax returns from '99 through '09?


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