Anderson: Unified front required against invasives

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 21, 2012 - 11:55 PM

As if taking on invasive species wasn't difficult enough, sportsmen, legislators and DNR officials have not been able to form a unified front.

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boni320Jul. 21, 12 4:50 PM

Dennis- Please educate your readers that this is a battle long ago lost. It is a multi-headed monster, only one of which is the boater transiting from lake to lake. And how does our Department of Neurotic Response plan on inspecting the wandering muskrat, bear, goose or loon carrying the larvae or weeds? Shall we expect the DNR to further inspect Seaplanes transiting from lake to lake? Shall I go on? And the utter nonsense that is the power-grab on behalf of local lake associations (very opportune, I might ad..) to keep non-residents off of "their" lakes is maddening- all in the name of AIS.

crestliner62Jul. 22, 12 9:18 AM

Don't anybody kid themselves because it's ALLL about the money and lawyers..DNR was going to get sued by the Lake Shore Associations for what the LSA felt was lacks enforcement of THEIR lakes by the DNR. The legislature CANNOT raise taxes on the middle class without being run out of town on a rail sooooo they come up with this bogus "user/criminal fee" under the auspice of "Protection". Applying the 80/20 rule tells you that it's mostly your middle class who own boats and fish or boat in this state..Thanks alot, they've now ruined fishing/boating economics in our great state. Unfortunately the war has already been lost on AIS unless they can somehow stop birds from flying and fish from swimming..good luck, let me know how that works for ya! Good article Dennis!

vwagnerJul. 22, 1211:01 AM

Interesting the article is about Sportsmen being un-unified on AIS and the first two comments are likley Sportsmen who want to discredit the prevention efforts. Yes, some reported aspects of the first DNR random roadside spot-checks seem a little heavy-handed. But the issue is about moving AIS via water, plants, mud, etc. Those of us that will take a little extra time and diligence may never see the result of our efforts. We will see more lakes infested with Zebra Mussels if we don't take the time to conduct our own boat inspections. So, quit wasting your time coming up with reasons to give up and start getting on the prevention effort side.

darntootinJul. 22, 1212:05 PM

The DNR failed miserably to stay ahead of this disaster and now just revert to playing the heavy. Soon, if not already, many people will stop fishing and boating, and revenue will be diminished for the DNR to finance their police work. I don't see a good end to this.

crestliner62Jul. 22, 12 1:44 PM

vwagner, unfortunately you missed the point.. and that is the infringement on peoples rights for free and unfetered access to public water, hidden taxation of the middle class who by the 80/20 rule are the largest users of the public waters under the auspice of "protection" of the resources. The DNR claims that most if not ALL AIS is spread by boats or peoples minnow buckets or undrained water in the boats moving from one body of water to another. Their idea is to just prosecute everyone with boats, pull them over for no reason other then having a boat..I wonder if the DNR are going to all the docks on the lakes and looking at peoples minnow buckets tied to their docks to see if they got their bait from a non infected area..they had to get their minnows from somewhere, they mostly didn't net them out of the lake. My feeling is that most of the lake shore owners would NOT appreciate someone snoopping around their property looking for AIS infractions ie moving boats lifts, illegal weed removal, sand dumping for "that just right swimmng area". I will continue to follow the law but will scream bloody murder about it and cannot wait for election season!

doots799Jul. 22, 12 2:00 PM

The random road searches should be ruled unconstitutional. It is no different than the DNR busting into my house without a warrant to see if I have seeds stuck to my boot soles.

dtroJul. 22, 12 4:13 PM

So who's doing the roadside checks on Mother Nature? All this money being thrown as AIS will only slow the spread. We just all need to learn how to accept the fact that our lakes will be infected sooner or later. Yes your pumps for watering your precious manicured lawns might get clogged, there will be some jumping fish in our rivers, and you might get an owie when swimming, but as far as I can tell, these things have not destroyed a lake or fishery yet. What's next? Checking my trunk for armadillos?

ontheroadagnJul. 22, 12 4:45 PM

does this mean the DNR will try to stop the invasives before they cross the border from other states and rivers, lake superior where most of it comes from foreign nations unchecked,

northatlastJul. 22, 1211:04 PM

I live up North. The lakes area North of Brainerd. I hunt and fish year around in a area that is rich with fish and game and tourists. I have a creek on my property between two lakes. Wildlife abounds, Eagles. Trumpeters. Geese. Loons. Ducks of all types. coyotes and the occasional wolf moving through. I rarely see a C.O. unless they pull up the drive and check the creek or the eagles nest. The older guys used to knock and ask first, even though they did no have to. They were being courteous or wanted a cup of coffee and a chat. The new regime just piles in, gets out of their trucks dressed in bullet proof vests and stomps around as college kids walk around the creek and take pictures. Then off they go. My point is, the DNR has turned into a quasi-paramilitary public relations group. When I go out on the big lake on major weekends/holidays, they are all over. With the Sheriff looking for boating violations and such. The DNR is not about conservation anymore. They are about making life tough in the name of law enforcement, and this goes way back to the day when Jesse Ventura whe he hired and ex=FBi man, Gene Garber to head the DNR. Face it the DNR has lost it's mission. They are just cops in pickup trucks.

jd55604Jul. 23, 12 5:17 PM

The author makes numerous statements about this new laws many core failings but then makes the point that what it really needs is more inter-government cooperation to make it work. Come on Dennis, I know you supported this boondoggle in the past but just come out and say you were wrong about it and admit that the whole thing needs to be repealed.


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