Washington Post: Bachmann's politics of slime

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  • Updated: July 20, 2012 - 3:35 PM

Bachmann's accusations are in the squalid tradition of McCarthyism and other shameful chapters of our history in which politicians have slandered their rivals as un-American

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cstoney48Jul. 20, 1212:37 PM

Bachmann's only objectives are to instill fear of vague sinister forces which threaten America and to identify the lurkers who are behind these never clearly defined conspiracies. Gathering uncritical media attention, she is allowed to play loose with both truth and reality and is often able destroy anyone who opposes her delusions--all in the fiction of preserving 'real American' patriotism. She represents the worst in us.

wbgleasonJul. 20, 1212:42 PM

When will the Strib write an editorial like this instead of just citing out of town newspapers? Pathetic.

swschradJul. 20, 1212:55 PM

thanks to McCain... and Boehner... and many other clearly notable Agents of Influence, from both sides of the aisle... Bachmann has finally had her ascent cut short. we hope. the depth of the nuttiness is now clearly visible, even to allies.

kittycat51Jul. 20, 1212:56 PM

Much as I hate to admit it, our congresswoman from Minnesota really did it this time, and thoroughly deserves all the criticism she is receiving. I've always tried to admire Congresswoman Bachmann, but this latest misstep is just too foolish. Shame on her. Though I will write that from some quarters, I do find the criticism insincere. For if a Democratic member of Congress had made the same charges against a Christian in a Republican administration, some who are now denouncing her would probably be in agreement. Indeed, Congresswoman Bachmann herself has been subjected to some very virulent bigotry for her Christians ways, and from the sort of people who like to tout their supposed tolerance. So while I cannot defend her in this episode, her bigotry is merely less socially acceptable than the bigotry of some of her critics.

qbawb1Jul. 20, 12 1:43 PM

There is NOTHING more dangerous to the United States than Michelle Bachmann and the people who believe her demented, paranoid, CHRISTIAN EXTREMIST (professing to be Christian, ha!) views of ANYONE who is not EXACTLY like her. She is a pathetic example of a human being.

xjritterJul. 20, 12 1:48 PM

Congresswoman Bachmann has NOT been subject to bigotry on the basis of her religion. She has been called out for hypocrisy (accepting government subsidies while saying government is an impediment to freedom) and for her divisive political views. Not for her religion.

erikj3Jul. 20, 12 1:50 PM

What an embarrassment to Congress, Minnesota, the 6th district, America, and frankly, human beings as a whole. Resign, Michele!

kd5757Jul. 20, 12 2:28 PM

Bachmann is going after Abedin for the same reason that Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps while German-Americans and Italian-Americans were not.

muggsh2oJul. 20, 12 3:15 PM

Has anyone even considered looking into Clinton's aide? No, you're all too busy focusing on Bachmann. How about the aide?

lsteidlJul. 20, 12 3:34 PM

kd5757, actually, German Americans were put into internment camps during World War II, although not in anything like the scale of Japanese Americans. Not that I disagree with your point in general. Anyhoo, I wonder about the wisdom of demanding information on the process of vetting those who want to obtain top level security clearance. Wouldn't making that type of information public benefit the infiltrators and other evil-doers, and help them over-run the top echelons of our government even more than they already are? A little knowledge will help them pass those silly background checks with flying colors! It seems to me that Ms. Bachmann herself is unwittingly doing the bidding of Frank Gaffney and other cleverly disguised Muslim Brotherhood pawns. It surprises me that Shelley didn't think of that herself. But then, I've heard that those in the throes of a psychotic episode often have difficulty with complex reasoning.


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