Seattle Times: Michele Bachmann deserves censure

  • Article by: EDITORIAL , Seattle Times
  • Updated: July 20, 2012 - 1:00 PM

She deserve the same censure in Congress that Joseph McCarthy received for his witch hunt for Communists 60 years ago.

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mgtwinsfan1987Jul. 20, 1212:08 PM

Amen to this. From accusing her fellow congressmen several years ago of being unpatriotic to the present day, this woman has misused her powers as a congresswoman repeatedly. Time for the House to stand up and really put this stuff in the gutter where it belongs. Time to get off your duffs, Republicans, and push this through the House.

JP55901Jul. 20, 1212:13 PM

Bachmann needs to be censured AND censored!

forwardprideJul. 20, 1212:32 PM

You know, libel is actually against the law. Maybe it's time to prosecute this strident liar.

comoparkareaJul. 20, 1212:32 PM

""Bachmann's claims are unsupported by any specific information, and she offers no proof that Abedin has anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood." Simple- Are Abedin's family members associated with the Muslim Brotherhood= simple Yes or NO question there- should be easy to verify. Has it been investigated? It should be. If they are even remotely associated, she should NOT have the security clearance she has. Pretty simple to look into- yet everyone wants to stick thier heads in the sand rather than do the due diligence. Without looking, the answer cant be 100% accurate and for this column to claim so is misleading at best. Wheres the proof she is NOT assoicated with the Muslim Brotherhood?

bobwillemsJul. 20, 1212:35 PM

This is a woman who takes direct orders from a dead man who as born in Bethlehem, which, as you will recall is not in the United States of America.

wbgleasonJul. 20, 1212:48 PM

When will the Strib write an editorial like this instead of just citing out of town newspapers? Pathetic.

LuckyBobJul. 20, 1212:50 PM

Censure is very appropriate in this case. It continues to amaze me how someone who claims to be so patriotic says some of the most unpatriotic things.

agentjl36Jul. 20, 1212:58 PM

comoparkarea - if you are a white American, then where is the proof you are NOT associated with someone like Timothy McVeigh? Do you see what a slippery slope your idea of thinking is? Innocent until proven guilty - NOT automatically guilty and should have prove their innocence. Michelle Bachmann has proven how dangerous she is by her constant fear-mongering.

abootreadingJul. 20, 12 1:39 PM

Who is going to investigate Bachmann for serial murder of children? I'm not saying she's doing that..I'm just asking the question. If she has nothing to hide then why not investigate? Do you see the stupidity and dishonesty in that? Let's try the same tactic, but make it personal: Why won't your father deny assaulting you when you were a child? I'm just asking the question. It is a fair question and we should investigate.

erikj3Jul. 20, 12 1:47 PM

Bachmann needs to resign. Enough is enough!


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