L.A. Times: Michele Bachmann's dangerous paranoia

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  • Updated: July 20, 2012 - 12:13 PM

The notion of an Islamic Fifth Column in this country is poisonous not only to domestic tranquility but also to effective diplomacy. Leaders of both parties should repudiate it.

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kd5757Jul. 20, 1211:51 AM

I'm not fearful of Muslims but I am fearful of Michele Bachmann and her paranoid following.

Maynard_242Jul. 20, 1211:52 AM

Someone should remind Rep. Bachmann that "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" is still a commandment.

alaskanredJul. 20, 1211:53 AM

She will not stop because it is red meat for conservatives. They are delusional, paranoid and are full of fear. They don't care about reality because they have made their own news, facts and reality. They have convinced themselves that bigotry is okay as long as they call their actions anything but bigotry. They aren't self aware enough to be critical of their actions and that is dangerous.

augsburg54Jul. 20, 1211:57 AM

Let's bury our heads in the sand and sing Kumbayah.......... The FBI as well as Military Investigators had numerous warnings and leads prior to the Fort Hood massacre but wouldn't (couldn't) act due to Political Correctness...verbatim from the just released Federal Bureau of Investigations thorough report on the Fort Hood incident.

LicoriceJul. 20, 1212:06 PM

"She will not stop because it is red meat for conservatives." Please don't paint all conservatives with the same brush. John McCain comes to mind as a conservative who immediately refuted Bachmann's accusations. I agree with everything you say about a specific group of paranoiacs for whom this is red meat, though.

JP55901Jul. 20, 1212:06 PM

augsburg please cite your documentation. Thank you.

gop2darkagesJul. 20, 1212:12 PM

So Bachmann's escalating outbursts have become so incendiary, so "where-are-the-men-in-white-coats?" unhinged, the Strib won't open a comment board on the Ellison allegation? There, she soft pedals it by saying, "All we're doing is asking a question." ... Much like the question, "When did you stop beating your wife?" No intention of encouraging outrageous inferences to be drawn from that one either, right?

comoparkareaJul. 20, 1212:24 PM

Everyone should keep in mind McCarthy was in fact, correct- Can anyone answer the question on how Abedin got security clearance, having family members clearly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Simple question really, isnt it?

scott5534Jul. 20, 1212:25 PM

She just isn't right.

roscoe2511Jul. 20, 1212:30 PM

"McCarthy was in fact, correct", hardly. He was a witch hunter paranoid that everyone was a commie. Sorry, but lies like that can't stand.


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