Offer now official in edgy game of chicken

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 16, 2012 - 6:03 AM

The filing of paperwork in the Nicolas Batum staredown leaves the next move to a Blazers team that might seek a little payback.

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frnorthJul. 15, 1210:50 PM

Seriously Paul Allen can't do anything to the Wolves. And the more I read about the bad blood the more I wonder just why Portland would feel any? It's been two seasons since the Webster trade, not much is going to happen there unless Stern or some other higher authority demands it. And the Wolves are the ones who took in the shorts on that deal. The Roy thing? C'mon if it was not us it would have been any number of teams. If Paul Allen is that paranoid then I am sure he has a whole list of folks who "have done him wrong" we're (the wolves) just one more name. The thing that bugs me about the whole Batum thing is Kahn didn't even understand the rules and that's his dang job. He had the kid sign the papers before he could by league rules, and that cost us valuable time. Just way too much unnecessary drama that could have been avoided if our GM had an ounce of professionalism which he has displayed time after time he lacks. After the NFL lockout the NBA lockout, the whole stadium issue the last thing this market needed was more sports drama.

jmndodgeJul. 15, 1211:21 PM

Batum would/will be a good fit with the wolves. If Portland overspends to retain him, we are in much better shape than last year, with D-will moving to SF, Buddinger and Hummel and the possibility of Shved playing some at SF. Johnson will still be in the mix, although attempting to move to SG, where Shved will also provide strong competition. We need to complete the moves for Hill and Steimsma, or other experienced big backups. D-will might still be primary backup for Love, and Love the primary backup if Pek goes down. I still see the move on either JJ or Luke (as we are a bit strong at PG) most likely Luke as he would be the only wolf, older than 30... Thinks are coming together... stay tuned.

pmd131Jul. 15, 1211:21 PM

This is a win-win for the wolves. Blazers match and they have a huge contract on their hands paying a player who doesn't even want to be there. Throw in the 15% trade kicker and it'll make it that much more difficult for Portland to deal Batum. They could've dealt him to the Wolves for three first-round picks and/or D-will but Olshey said no! Now if Portland doesn't match, which is unlikely, the T-wolves get the player they've wanted all along. Probably won't happen, but then the wolves will be able to spend that $46 million of cap space on multiple players of similar value/potential (hill, lee, brewer, iggy, mayo, etc.)

mommabear96Jul. 15, 1211:42 PM

I think the timberwolves should give up their next 1,000 first round draft picks for Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade. We keep Kevin Love.

stribacctJul. 15, 1211:53 PM

Every player in the league should be looking to hire Batum's agent, since Batum is the only sure winner in this. No matter what happens, however, each team will think it got the better side of the situation. I do think Batum's presence would be good for the Wolves. He's a solid young player who is still improving, and he seems to want to play for the Wolves.

hammersteinJul. 16, 1212:06 AM

I'm not sure there is a winner here ... except Nicolas Batum.

jwillsJul. 16, 12 1:49 AM

I agree with the post that the biggest winner out of all of this is Batum and his agent. His agent, Bouna Ndiaye, knew exactly which sucker to go to (now that the Clippers have actually become a real team, they are not the league's sucker anymore) - Minnesota and David Kahn. For some reason, MInnesota becomes infatuated with role players and inflates their potential to be that of superstars (remember Joe Smith, who the Wolves went after in the same fashion as Batum, or more recently Darko Milicic). The best thing that could happen for the Wolves is Portland matching. It's kind of like promising your kids you will take them to Disney World if the Vikings win the Superbowl and you spend the entire season praying the Vikings don't make the playoffs. I really don't see Portland matching, for all the same reasons why the Wolves should never have offered. Portland is a couple of years away from building a title. They can grab a solid free agent this year, and bank the money until next year and chase after players in a much better free agent class. Olshey played along with Kahn, one - to make sure Kahn didn't wake up and come to his senses and not submit the offer sheet, and two- to see if Kahn was a bigger sucker and would give first round draft picks and Derrick Williams for Batum (which Kahn nearly did). If Olshey does pay for Batum, I think the decision was made from higher up, but either way Batum is smiling all the way to the French Riviera. I just hope I can join him.

sixfingerJul. 16, 12 2:03 AM

Let's make a couple of Blazer fan observations: 1) Brandon Roy is a tremendous basketball player that was dealt a bad hand. When he goes limping off don't feel to sorry for him as Paul Allen will be paying him seventeen million dollars. 2) Nicolas sat on the bench behind a guy that just signed a forty million dollar contract. 3) Kevin Love wants to make the play offs. How much money will the Wolves have left after paying ten million for a guy that is six foot six and can't elevate enough to dunk the ball with two hands, and forty six million another guy that has averaged fourteen points and five rebounds per game? You might as well get love fitted for a Kevin Garnet jersey.

ActTwoJul. 16, 12 6:38 AM

Since everyone seems to agree that Portland will have to overspend to match Minnesota's offer, doesn't that mean the offer is for too much?

uranid10tJul. 16, 12 6:42 AM

Wolves have better chance to sign someone off the Lynx than Batum and for about 5% of what they have offered Batum. Any of the Lynx players can put up more points to by the way... That is a ton of money offered Batum who only averages 10 points per game.....


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