Wolves' offer sheet to Batum will come Sunday

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 13, 2012 - 11:23 PM

Martell Webster was bought out and Brad Miller was traded as the Wolves freed up more salary-cap space for Nicolas Batum.

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juddthedoggJul. 13, 1211:13 PM

Kahn is such an idiot.. I was one who always said give him time but now I really want him gone. We will not get Batum, portland has already said they will match. This has been a pretty solid free agent class and because of the Batum hold up they are just watching all these other free agents slip by. Its not worth it especially when we are over paying the guy by like 4 million dollars, and personally I really like Batum, but is it really worth it? It could really come back to haunt us if we dont get Batum and theres no one left to sign.

mommabear96Jul. 14, 1212:09 AM

I think Batum would be a great addition, but at what cost? Waste of time. Go get a big guy that we need behind love and pek

edeneliseJul. 14, 12 6:54 AM

juddthedog: who are you asserting we've lost out on w/the Batum situation? To my knowledge anyone we realistically had a shot at to begin with is still available, thus no harm done. Kahn is talking to other agents/players while this Batum scenario has been going on. While i agree, Miller/Webster should've been bought out/traded as soon as portland said they didn't want them, and Darko amnestied asap, nothin has changed. its in the wolves best interest to do a sign-trade. thats why its taking so long. i'm sure they called virtually every team to see if anyone wanted to trade for the cap-friendly webster/miller contracts. that takes time. If Williams new slim fit allows him to play the 3 effectively, then yes, this has all been for naught. If however, Williams still has difficulty, likely as it'll be his first season there and only his 2nd in the league then you've got another option at 3 other than Johnson. Further if you get Batum, then a Williams-Iggy deal becomes palatable..although i still wouldn't do it. If we can get Batum and Shved is legit, all we'll need is time to gel, grow as a team, and we'll be very dangerous.

edeneliseJul. 14, 12 6:55 AM

mommabear: steimsma and hill will both be available for quite some time yet. thus no harm done. I'm more concerned w/Lee being available if this deal doesn't go down. I'm hoping the slim Williams can hold down the 3 spot effectively if Batum doesn't come. If he can do that and Shved is legit, we'll be a playoff team.

purplecheeseeatersJul. 14, 12 6:58 AM

Give Kahn a break! He brings excitement to the T-Wolves (good/bad).

NhdanJul. 14, 12 7:38 AM

I think Batum will be a difference maker, and I think he is about to break out. I think he's going to similar to Rudy Gay in stat categories without the personality issues. At this point, I would trade Williams even for Batum, or picks and players. I would be willing trade anyone but Peck, Rubio, and Love.

frnorthJul. 14, 12 8:22 AM

edenelise, Way too many "IFS" in those posts. IF Williams can play the 3. Something he never did last year.. IF Shved is legit, something very few players are when making the transition from the Euro league to the NBA (very few does not equal none but it does explain the odds). IF C Lee is still available when the dust settles.. Wolves fans have been playing the "What if" game far too long. The time is now to stop making excuses for Kahn. Darko should never have been signed in the first place. Flynn should never have been drafted. Love should have been given a 5 year deal. And this cap space should have been cleared well before July 11th.

snoozecruiseJul. 14, 12 8:59 AM

Is Haywood a viable option at backup center or has he been picked up? I would think he would bring more of defensive presence than Steimsa at the backup five.

jwillsJul. 14, 12 9:07 AM

I am very glad we are able to clear the space for Lebron James. He is a difference maker. Teamed with Love and Rubio, we have a true big three!!! ... What? We cleared space and are holding out for Nicolas Batum? Oh... I thought all this positioning was for a Dream Team member... Batum is a good player and potential to be a very good player. Great? Hmmm I don't know about that, but possibly. I think the Wolves would be much better off taking that $50 million and going after 2 solid players a 2 guard like O.J. Mayo and a small forward like Mickael Pietrus, Matt Barnes or josh Howard, or trying to go after Andre Iguodala. When you look at our additions - Budinger, Roy, Hill or Stiesma (I hope Hill), and potentially Batum, they do not speak of anything more than elevating us into maybe the 6th or 5th playoff spot. When you see Dallas adding Kaman and Bland, the Clippers adding Crawford, Lakers - Nash, and Houston potentially adding Dwight Howard among others, our summer pales in comparison. Kahn is really rolling the dice for a player he could wait one year and get him at less of a hassle when he is a free agent. We are not going to win a title this year with or without Batum, so maximize your acquisitions. Pick up a couple of solid pieces to your puzzle this year and Batum next year to complete the puzzle and think title in 2015.

edeneliseJul. 14, 12 9:49 AM

frnorth: of course there are 'what ifs' its called life, sports. Yes, if Williams can acclimate to the 3, we'll be more than fine. Personally i think he's got the speed to do so, but there will be a learning curve. He played plenty on the perimeter in college, so just an upgrade from that. Shved according to scouts has the physical skills, and passing, shooting ability always translate. But still, he's an 'if' until games actually start. Lee will still be available, w/the money and potential PT we'll have if Batum doesn't come, he'll wait until that happens. You're right we're not a premier destination for NBA players thus we have to wait to assemble the pieces. I said before these moves should've been made earlier, however, you have to keep in mind those expiring deals can be excellent trade pieces. ie Just got NO to pay Miller and save us 800K. Pek was another 'if' when Darko was signed and he did ok his first year. Every team can say daft picks should've never been signed. every. single. one. No, Love shouldn't have been given the max, you think its coincidence his stats jumped this year? Rubio had a good deal to do w/that.


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