Romney should pick Christie for VP, but won't

  • Article by: JEFFREY GOLDBERG
  • Updated: July 13, 2012 - 7:01 PM

He would be safe choosing any of his likely candidates -- but will they fill arenas?

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tvmamaJul. 13, 12 9:10 PM

"So why isn't Romney the clear favorite? Because Obama remains more popular personally than one would otherwise expect." - No, because the media is absolutely paranoid of being thought of as racist to criticize their lil savior. White Guilt is powerful stuff!

crystalbayJul. 13, 1210:38 PM

"No, because the media is absolutely paranoid of being thought of as racist to criticize their lil savior. White Guilt is powerful stuff!"............What a load of pure BS! Obama remains very popular because he's a man of the highest values (family and country), has kept the country safe, and is slowly, painstakingly leading us out of the worst recession in history. The right wing hates it. They'd prefer to see the economy fail over seeing Obama's policies succeed. Emotional hope may have gotten him elected in 2008, but rationality will win him a second term.

crystalbayJul. 13, 1210:41 PM

Christie's an unhealthy man with a fuse so short that he makes McCain's infamous tantrum-throwing look acceptable. He's pure schoolyard bully and the extreme opposite of Romney's temperament. Besides, Mitt's looking for a veep who doesn't outshine him - a nearly impossible task unless he picks T-Paw, who's just as bland as he is.

bearclaw500Jul. 13, 1211:47 PM

"So why isn't Romney the clear favorite?" Because the libertarian sect of the republican party and half of the Christian conservatives can't stand him. That is a good chunk of the party.

PrivateJul. 14, 12 1:20 AM

--Pawlenty a talented governor? More likely a talented politician who made a mediocre governor. But that doesn't matter, being a superior politician is what matters. Carter over Ford, Reagan over Carter, Clinton over Bush Sr., Obama over McCain-- it's usually the best politician who wins. That's why Minnesota's disdain for our ex-gov won't disqualify him in Romney's view.

tvmamaJul. 14, 12 3:12 AM

"So why isn't Romney the clear favorite?" - Romney will win in a landlslide. The American people are simply not stupid enough to reelect a worthless, miserable radical twice.

jurburJul. 14, 12 4:46 AM

If Pawlenty is chosen as Romney's VP then the budget deficit that Pawlenty dumped on Dayton will be come political fodder for Romney who probably won't need any more trouble after he tries to squirm out of his current Bain mess. One must ask what data the commentator was reviewing when he stated that Pawlenty was a "talented governor" because the majority of Minnesotans never liked or voted for him and his legacy as governor is one of disdain.

foglifterJul. 14, 12 6:29 AM

because the majority of Minnesotans never liked or voted for him and his legacy as governor is one of disdain. ------ hmmm. Subtitle daytons name and your statement will be true. Do you really think the next governor, or the one after thy will have a majority of votes?

owatonnabillJul. 14, 12 6:37 AM

In my opinion Romney needs to pick a VP candidate who will A) not overshadow Romney, and B) appeal to the Tea Party. Christie may minimally meet Criteria B, but fails utterly to meet Criteria A. It would further help Romney's campaign if the VP candidate is NOT a Northeastern laissez-faire type, which unfortunately Christie is. SC Gov. Nikki Haley would satisfy all three criteria, as would FL Senator Marco Rubio. Paul Ryan as an acceptable (maybe) third choice. Any of the three have great appeal to the conservative wing of the Republican party. In a perfect world of course none of this would matter--Christie in my opinion would make a middling good President if he ran as second banana and something happened to Romney, and that should really be the only reason to pick a running mate. But political priorities prevail.

foglifterJul. 14, 12 6:38 AM

Crystal "Christie's an unhealthy man with a fuse so short" it's on record (more than one time on these boards) that a big part of why you don't like him is because he s heavy. Ok, got it . About being a Bully.. Most/ all of th times he had "been a bully" (your words not mine) are when some smart aleck in the crowd rolls thir eyes or tries to corner him with patronizing statements/ questions. Love it! I wish more politicians (left and right) old verbally smackbdown some if these dolts.


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