Inaugural Minn. wolf hunt gets longer by 25 days

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 12, 2012 - 10:50 PM

DNR also will allow the baiting of wolves. As many as 400 total may be taken in two seasons, but the odds of bagging one are pretty slim.

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foodfeedJul. 12, 1211:06 AM

Sounds like a good time to go camping and cook up a bunch of noise in the woods.

bigj111Jul. 12, 1211:14 AM

I have never fallen into the same camp as the "save the fuzzy animals" crowd, but to me hunting means that you go shoot something that you intend to eat. In the case of wolves, I prefer the old system where, if you saw one in your pasture as a threat to your livestock, you just went ahead and shot it. Then called the local authorities, tell them what you did and why. Then they'd document it as though it happened in the reverse, and then everyone just went on with life. The wolves seemed to thrive under that system.

stuss73Jul. 12, 1211:28 AM

I'll be spending a little extra for a wolf license this year.

mankato58Jul. 12, 1211:29 AM

Leave it to the government to make it complex and difficult. So much for going out for a week long hunt and leaving civilization behind. Now, if I get a tag, I need to stay in daily contact with the DNR to see if I can still hunt. Every Conservation Officer I have spent time with speaks of their love of the outdoors, fishing and hunting. As much as they love their jobs, they all long for the day they retire and can return to enjoying the activities rather than helping us. Sadly the administration of MN DNR has lost touch with these activities and what the full experience is. Why not just issue tags based of the numbers intended for harvest vs. the success rate: If you want 400 wolves taken and the success rate for hunters and trappers is 70%, you issue 570 tags, and let the hunters and trappers do their thing.

mrhandsJul. 12, 1211:35 AM

Highly, highly disappointing. What is the purpose of this? Population control, food, revenue? Spending all of these years trying to get them off the endangered species list and the first year off of it we want to kill them. I'm not against hunting, but there really should be a greater purpose for it other than a cruel "sport."

bbbluelineJul. 12, 1211:37 AM

Bet the boys can't wait, get to the fire the gun and kill something, whoo hoo. Sure will feel good killing those nuisance wolves? I think if the hunters had their way, just kill all the animals, birds, fish, they just get in the way of MY LIFE anyway.

StansgirlJul. 12, 1211:38 AM

They call this a harvest. Doesn't that generally mean one eats what one harvests? This is a travesty!

bosshogJul. 12, 1211:42 AM

I wonder if they account for all the illegal kills that take place. It is pretty rampant in the NW part to just kill a wolf or trap it illegally. Then they wonder why we have deer problems in the NW when the wolf is the best natural predator of the deer. The wolf takes out the weak and the sick deer.. improving the herd. Now we just have a bunch of hunters out here that watch dozens of deer walk by their stand while waiting for some "trophy" buck..

bosshogJul. 12, 1211:51 AM

It is also ironic that we have a deer population managed so high that causes millions if not billions of dollars of damages in the state of Minnesota from car crashes and damage to crops.. let alone the people that are KILLED from these deer-car encounters.. and yet we continue to maintain these high deer populations... but with the wolf we just barely have a sustainable population and we immediately want to kill them.

mulefarmJul. 12, 1212:29 PM

Great job DNR!!! This should have happened many years ago. Way too many wolves in Mn. The way it sounds this will help the state budget, along with all the hunter harassment tickets that will be written. A win win situation!!


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