Is the media coverage of Romney's donors biased?

  • Article by: MICHAEL MOYNIHAN , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: July 10, 2012 - 9:24 AM

It's difficult to imagine major newspapers and wire services producing similar scene reports for Obama fundraisers.

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dsteele04Jul. 10, 12 9:45 AM

Media should be biased against those using great wealth to influence government actions and elections. I suggest that the path to stability, harmony and trust will be charted by those inspired by fair media, that peoples champion and conscience of nations holding history of inspiring citizens to gather overwhelming public opinion in order to force needed changes!

copper88Jul. 10, 1210:00 AM

Wow! Now the 1% and their little minions are crying because now we can see just how much money they can raise because of Citizens United. Romney raises $35 million more last month than Obama to purchase this election. It will only get worse.

gandalf48Jul. 10, 1210:08 AM

Of course the media has an agenda...look at their political affiliation...over 90% of the media leans left according to nearly every survey ever done. The key is to keep that in mind with every story you hear about how we should know about every donor, how much they contributed to each campaign or PAC but where is the intellectual honesty of the media? Why doesn't the media report the political affiliation of each individual who reports on a story, producers or even owners of the news show/network? How much they contribute to political campaigns and PACs? If we are so worried about how commercials are purchased (which we all know are commercials) why aren't we even more concerned about the news, which is presented as news, and the political affiliations of those who report on it? After all, we always hear about how money buys air time on commercials to influence the public...what about the news shows which bypass the commercial process and are presented as news? Perhaps it's time for the media to put a disclaimer on every political story; declaring the political affiliation of the reporter, their editor/producer and the owner of the news outlet.

cstoney48Jul. 10, 1210:56 AM

Its always helpful to know who owns a politician. As one observer mused, maybe they should wear labels like NASCAR... As for the news media--they could not care less who wins or loses. All they want is controversy. That is what sells air time for commercials. And news is a business. Besides, if you don't like the real world, there is always "Fair and Balanced"--the refuge of fantasy.

viktorvaughnJul. 10, 1211:43 AM

You know, I don't like rich liberals buying off politicians anymore than rich conservatives. Money has the same corrupting influence on Democrats as it has on Republicans. We need a constitutional amendment to ban election bribery, which we coyly refer to as "campaign finance."

However, I see a pretty big distinction between the likes of Mitt Romney, who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple, and Barack Obama, who was born into the middle class and worked extremely hard to reach the pinnacle of success.

Both are rich. Both fly around the country sucking up to the $50K/plate fundraiser crowd. But Romney is running on policies to further funnel money to wealthy. He defends the carried interest loophole that allows hedge fund managers to pay the capital gains rate on ordinary income, and this is a loophole that lowers his personal taxes by millions a year, and allows him to legally pay a lower tax rate than millions of middle class families. President Obama on the other hand, has pushed policies to even the playing field, and give those from modest means who work hard a chance to succeed in an economy rigged to the benefit of the financial and corporate elite.

Continued below…

viktorvaughnJul. 10, 1211:57 AM

I don’t think George Soros should be allowed to buy-off politicians anymore than David Koch, but compare these two billionaires. Soros has spent millions to push open government, democracy, and human rights worldwide. David Koch has spent millions undermining environmental regulations, thwarting alternative energy, and fomenting naïve resistance to policies which give have-nots a chance. These are all policies that direct impact their profitability of their oil and gas interests. Their aim is to consolidate the country's assets in the hands of a few. One could claim that both are motivated by ideology, with the Koch brothers coming from a libertarian perspective, but they care not for open markets, they care only about dominating markets, and ensuring capital can purchase political power.

Maybe the media focuses on the aristocratic families and hedge fund managers at Romney fundraisers because they are the ones looting our country. Do you really think the Aretha Franklin and Sean Penn types at Obama fundraisers share their wealthy brethrens’ political goals of selling us out to increase their own wealth? I see them seeking justice more than greed. This is more than enough of a distinction to merit differences in campaign coverage.

macwordyJul. 10, 1212:05 PM

Brings to mind the old quote on the role of the reporter: "To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

betty99Jul. 10, 1212:18 PM

Thing is Meryl Streep is likely concerned about income inequality. I highly doubt anyone at the Romney fundraiser cares.

jgmanciniJul. 10, 1212:24 PM

"over 90% of the media leans left according to nearly every survey ever done."-------You mean according to nearly every survey ever done by Fox News. I challenge you to name even one legitimate, non-partisan study that found statistically significant left-leaning bias, and who did the survey. Name one. Just one.

crystalbayJul. 10, 1212:39 PM

Viktorvaughn: thank you for so concisely & eloquently summarizing the vast difference between Obama & Romney. It's crystal clear and really quite appalling.


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