Minnesota businesses line up to ask Congress for cut in tariffs

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 9, 2012 - 9:22 AM

Businesses see it as economic boost. Critics call it stealthy earmarking.

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kruzelcJul. 8, 1210:57 PM

Why would anyone even try to make anything in the US anymore? Between the taxes and the unions, capitalism has been completely ruined. Won't be long until the USA becomes the USSR if we keep on the current downward spiral.

fonzi3Jul. 8, 1211:28 PM

Our politicians on both sides of the aisle will walk through fire for Big Businesses, but how about the small businesses? If businesses need endless loopholes, tax breaks, and kickbacks to stay in business, they should either change leadership immediately or close their doors. Our country will become great again only when we get Big Business out of the pockets of politicians.

pompensteinJul. 9, 12 1:24 AM

Why would anyone even try to make anything in the US anymore? Between the taxes and the unions, capitalism has been completely ruined. Won't be long until the USA becomes the USSR if we keep on the current downward spiral.......posted by kruzelc. Oh brother. Too bad most manufacturing is done in China, a Communist country where employees are wage slaves with no benefits. Unions didn't ruin US manufacturing. Cheap, exploitable Chinese labor did. Corporations are not interested in creating the middle class. It's interested in profits and the bottom line, and will always seek the cheapest and most exploitable labor to do so. The notion that manufacturing jobs will return if we just lower taxes and destroy unions is an absolute joke. Why would they come back when they can pay laborers in other countries next to nothing with no repercussions or accountability?

howlinjagsJul. 9, 12 3:46 AM

The purpose of tariffs is to address unfair pricing that puts American manufacturing of goods at a disadvantage. If we do reduce tariffs on somethings, we need corresponding decreases in tariffs other countries attach to our exports. If we don't get that, all we do is hurt the American worker.

comment229Jul. 9, 12 3:57 AM

I remember a time, apparently a long time ago, when if there was a need for a product, someone in the USA would take the initiative to produce that product. How times have changed. The only initiative I see these days involve pharmaceutical and big oil companies; so immense profits can be made. Boehner keeps muttering "jobs, jobs, jobs" and the "job creators" need another tax break when in reality, they are hoarding their money. Here are several opportunities to start producing products where there is a demand, but where are the "job creators?" I guess they are just too busy planning trickle down 2.

tiredoldvetJul. 9, 12 6:14 AM

Most of the needed manufacturing materials were once made in this country. We allowed Corporate America to close the plants here and export the jobs offshore where labor and environmental costs were cheaper. They then imported these cheaper items back into this country. The whole point of tariffs is to discourage this practice and give American based companies a way to compete. So now, having moved everything offshore we have these very same corporations (3M) complaining that the materials they need can only be imported with expensive tariffs attached...wow..are we stupid or what? You want cheap stuff from Target? Hope your 2 part time jobs at Burger King and MacDonalds lets you buy big.

EleanoreJul. 9, 12 7:00 AM

Lowering tarriffs works against america, kills jobs, and redirects wealth from the bottom 99% of us into the hands of the top 1%. Please raise tarriffs on these and other items to encourage jobs for americans. We need manufacturing here for our citizenry.

bill9844Jul. 9, 12 7:06 AM

If the nanny state could just spend less, there would be less need for money, and this would correct itself.

turgidJul. 9, 12 7:53 AM

If it's truly not possible for certain products to be manufactured in the US, then I can see an argument for rescinding a tariff to help a US business stay competitive. But Target's requests sound like a joke. It isn't creating anything - just pocketing profits.

jimmyjames76Jul. 9, 12 8:02 AM

Rewarding companies for shipping jobs overseas. Nice. Every tax cut we hand out always creates lots of jobs in other countries, and results in closing plants here. And what's the solution? More tax cuts for business of course! It's never worked before, so it has to work this time, right? Meanwhile, all of the people that manage to keep their jobs wind up with a higher tax bill so companies like GE don't have to pay a penny in US income taxes on their billions of dollars in profits. Both parties threw your average american overboard decades ago.


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