Minnesota's alternate path for aspiring teachers still is untraveled

  • Article by: KIM McGUIRE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 8, 2012 - 11:50 PM

Lack of interest six months into the program surprises supporters.

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eman2001Jul. 8, 12 9:52 PM

There are very few teaching jobs being posted and you risk getting laid off for no cause in the first three years and more because you're the last hired and first fired. Who wants to take that risk?

dkmcintyreJul. 8, 12 9:58 PM

You should clarify that there are no takers for offering to provide an alternative certification program. There might be many who would be interested in becoming teachers if an alternative certification program existed. The previous certification by portfolio program was discontinued in anticipation of the law so now there is nothing to replace it and we are worse off for science teachers than before.

tsblodJul. 8, 1210:32 PM

With the constant bashing of teachers and public education, it's no wonder there are no takers of what seems to be a thankless job. It seems to indicate that teachers who hang in there for the long haul really are dedicated to helping kids, because they sure aren't in it for the money or the esteem of the general public.

lovepacnwJul. 8, 1210:43 PM

I agree that this should be clarified. I am certain there are those who are interested, as my husband is one of them. I was interested, and I finally gave up and went back to school to get my science teaching license (and got hired quickly, I might add). My husband is a private-school science teacher, and he would pursue a license if it didn't mean taking two years off of working like I just did. My program claimed you wouldn't have to quit work, but the mandatory day-time volunteering in schools (and the undergrad classes to make up "deficiencies" with no credit for knowledge acquired through work) required each semester makes it hard for a teacher to keep working while doing the program. If you think about it, though, there's not much incentive for anyone to come up with an alternative certification program. The higher ed schools won't, as teacher licensing brings them money (especially career switchers -- we pay a lot in tuition as "grad" students and get no scholarships). And why should the school districts get into the messy business when there are plenty of places to get a license in Minnesota?

jarlmnJul. 8, 1210:47 PM

All's this licensing scheme does is have potential teachers jump through happy-hoops for the Teacher's Mafia establishment and learn the antiquated educational dogma that already has grossly failed our students and our nation. Why would any earnest and talented person want to invest themselves in a system that has been such a gross failure? We don't just need new teachers, we need a new education system!

wplettfanJul. 8, 1210:54 PM

This was THE answer according to tpaw and the conservatives. Somehow I'm sure they'll try to blame it on Dayton though.

just6larJul. 8, 1211:08 PM

In discussions with my friends when this legislation was passed, I predicted this. I told them I had no fear that people would rush to be teachers. Low pay, zero home support from parents (and when there is, they are incredibly hostile and vicious), and a job market that is flush with teachers. Yes we need science and math teachers desperately, but who is going to come in and take those jobs? It would pay half. This was stupid legislation that looked good on paper and to the public, but the proof is in the pudding...

rubybird74Jul. 9, 1212:46 AM

I am an MBA who thinks it would be energizing and inspiring to teach - but why would I leave my stable career to go straight to the bottom of a seniority list just to be laid off first and receive lowest union scale pay? Get rid of the unions if you want to attract talent.

cattalusJul. 9, 12 1:19 AM

jarlmn, I don't know if we need a whole new education system. But what we do need is a new parenting system! What is the different between out country and the high achieving countries? Do you think teachers in China are much more trained than the USA? Do you think teachers in China worry about differentiation and meeting the students needs? Do you really think teachers in other countries accommodate each student as much as we do here? I The difference between our educational system and other countries is parenting and personal responsibility. It is unfortunate that neither political party puts an emphasis on it. The democrats blame society and poverty for poor schooling, while the republicans blame teachers. Seems like nobody wants to take responsibility for their own kids.

comment229Jul. 9, 12 3:49 AM

I'm sure David Letterman could come up with a funny top ten list of why becoming a teacher is becoming a national joke. I'm also sure that this newspaper could ask teachers for a list of why teaching is increasingly becoming a profession ranking right up there(?) with lawyers and used car salesman. Professionals? I know four school districts that cannot even offer their employees group health insurance and yet I have a friend who works in a grocery store and he gets very low cost health insurance. That, is the tip of the ice berg. By the way, what is the plan to pay back the schools the money the state borrowed? Tim? Anyone? You get the idea.....


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