Amenities driving up cost of new stadiums

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 8, 2012 - 10:23 AM
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spruce1Jul. 7, 1211:43 PM

We Hennepin county taxpayers are more than willing to cover any and all cost overruns, Chief Stadium Overseer Mondale has proclaimed it so. There is no cost to great, no budget that can't be rerouted to build a palace for an out-of-state billionaire and his 3-13 toy. As soon as the team's star is out of TX lockup he'll back me up on this.

elmore1Jul. 7, 1211:54 PM

Money is no object. The new Vikings Stadium will be a sports and entertainment mecca that will singlehandedly revitalize Mpls. I expect taxes to go down in just a few years!

donm251Jul. 8, 1212:00 AM

The $975,000,000 boondoggle will soon be a $2,000,000,000. What a waste of money.

minnlifeJul. 8, 1212:03 AM

TV in every seat!

fiftyorsoJul. 8, 1212:05 AM

So you're saying this new stadium will probably have some cost overruns if I'm reading this article correctly. I've got a novel idea, don't build it! Perhaps the monies could be spent repairing our crumbling infrastructure. Sure would provide a lot more jobs than this poorly conceived stadium would. Then we have the Viqueens, and to top that off the so called star of the team gets arrested, what a fool. The best seat in football is either in your living room or your local saloon, not in some crowed stadium that you just paid a days wages for a seat and a beer.

erikj3Jul. 8, 1212:39 AM

This boondoggle is going to cost Minneapolis big time. Wilf's playground will be the bane of taxpayers for years to come (even more so if the NFL is bankrupted due to concussion lawsuits).

swurzerJul. 8, 12 1:08 AM

elmore1, you will be sorely disappointed in waiting for taxes to go down. They will be going up to cover the overages. Stadiums are net economic drains for taxpayers... It's been proven without exception for decades. The City of Indianapolis is in need of a bailout, and wants the state of Indiana to take over it's debt service, because they can't afford it. Look it up. Zygi will profit handsomely, at your expense.

sachmnJul. 8, 12 5:19 AM

It's interesting that after so many in depth plans and blueprints and budgets (and when it's finally approved against the wishes of the majority of Minnesotan's), the minute they start actually laying out the materials for this grotesque monstrosity, the cost jumps up. Any overages and deviations from that proposed budget should be sucked up by the owner, the team, and the NFL with charitable donations (not tax deductible) from the fans that want to pay in to it...rather than those of us held hostage by such a vain and decadent use of money when many of us can't easily afford living expenses and healthcare without working less than two jobs. I'm leaving Hennepin County as soon as I can, what a dump, you people make me sick.

samiamJul. 8, 12 5:48 AM

I'm excited to see what this is going to be like. Skol Vikings!

sdsf51Jul. 8, 12 6:10 AM

Does anyone believe the First Class stadium will be built for only $975 million? There are always unexpected costs in construction (they had to move a big rock to Plymouth before they could build the Metrodome) and expenses not directly for the stadium, improvements to surrounding streets and such that weren’t disclosed. By-the-way, what is car-less tailgating? People used to bring BBQ grills and food in their trunks or pick-ups to cook hours before the game (hence tailgating). It used to be a real pleasant, aromatic experience and friendly experience walking through the parking lot.


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