Batum, Roy still top wish list for Wolves

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  • Updated: July 2, 2012 - 11:20 PM

The team has conducted several discussions but reached no agreements with free agents they are coveting.

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bobo72Jul. 2, 1210:59 PM

Love the Batum possibility. The rest of it sounds like the typical counterproductive Wolves garbage--let's do something just to do something and get worse in the process.

slammanJul. 2, 1211:29 PM

Batum, yes. Williams for Gasol, Yes. Frankly, I am surprised the Lakers have not jumped at this deal. They constantly complain about Gasol, who is a great playing being limited by Kobe's huge and controlling ego. Roy, no thanks, don't get the interest in Roy who was a great player until his knee's gave out. Am I missing something here? Do they think Wolves fans will feel vindicated for getting him back now, after his knees are shot? Hill could be a decent bench player. Crawford? Would rather stick with Luke and Rubio and JJ off the bench. Getting Gasol would be a huge step forward for this team. Having Love, Rubio and Gasol on the court at the same time would be fun to watch.

bhdanielsJul. 3, 12 1:00 AM

Batum would be a very nice pick-up. The deal with Roy is that he had the same plasma-rich therapy that helped Kobe Bryant and seems to be doing quite well. If he can actually play, why wouldn't we want him on our team? Meanwhile, somebody please explain to me why Wes Johnson is still on this team. And Darko. I hope this offseason works out well and gets Adelman a team that complements Love and Rubio -- I'm ready to see the home team back in the playoffs. Go Wolves!

slammanJul. 3, 12 1:25 AM

If Roy, with little or no cartilage left in his knees is able to even complete and compete in a training camp, you feel free to tell me I was wrong. It's a bummer, but he's done.

mnfanintampaJul. 3, 12 4:59 AM

Please no Gasol.

MuddyOasisJul. 3, 12 8:32 AM

Wes Johnson is still on the team because he is under contract. Also he's a pretty good defender. With a full offseason and training camp to work with the coaches he may see some solid improvements.

slickrick09Jul. 3, 1210:06 AM

As for Darko, I would say 99% chance he isn't on the roster at the start of the season. He is only around at this point to be used in a trade as a salary buffer. Khan said himself Darko will not be on the roster next year. If they can't use his salary in a trade he will be bought out. He is probably done with the NBA, which means we can finally conclude the on going discussion on: Most successful career as a underachieving lazy Big man 1. Eddy Curry (now has a ring) 2. Darko (now has a one-way ticket to Europe)

tjtwinsfanJul. 3, 1212:39 PM

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Roy has no knees left at all, and the other guy????? are you kidding me Kahnny boy. This is so typical of Kahnny boy!!!!! Ridiculous. But it does meet his criteria they are both guards. He lovvvvvessssss getting guards. I wish I kept track of how many guards he has gone through I be it is 20 or more. This Kahnny boy knows nothing what so ever in how to build a winner. He had the 2nd overall pick and now he wants to get rid of him. Taylor you are a true idiot for hiring this guy and a even bigger idiot for not firing him. What is wrong with both of you? Who out their believes in Kahnny boy???? What is wrong with all of you if you do??? I can't believe it. Hey the Lynx were hopeless for years but used their picks wisely and now are 100 times better than the sickly timberpuppies. Why does anyone put up with the management of the timberpupps? Wake up Taylor either sell the team or get rid of the cause of futility. Kahnny boy!!!!

tjtwinsfanJul. 3, 1212:54 PM

Has anyone saw the poll question of the day? Will the Wolves make the playoffs? I never laughed so hard when I saw over 60% said they thought they will...... Haaaaa haa that made me laugh. Look at who the pupps drafted more bench warmers who will be gone by training camp or next year. You all don't get it do you. Kahnny boy is what is preventing the wolves from ever making the playoffs. I am going to try to find out if I can find a list of all the guards Kahnny boy has drafted, traded for picked up via free agency. Remember a couple years ago 3 guards with their 3 top picks. Lawson, Flynn and Ellison how did that turn out???? Tee heee hee he made me laugh. How can anyone get excited about the pupps when Kahnny boy ruins everything? Rubio was a breif star other than him who did Kahnny boy get who is still here and is exceptional????? I think Mchale was responsible for Love right? Taylor are you blind????

goldengoph3rJul. 3, 12 2:32 PM

I haven't seen Batum play so I won't comment on him, other than to say $12.5M is a lot of money so he better be good. Chasing Roy is a fool's errand. There are some very good teams interested in him, so the only way he wouldn't play for one of them is if the teams were too concerned about his knees, in which case we wouldn't want him anyway. If he ends up in a Wolves uniform, that would be concerning. Again, Gasol is a poor choice because we aren't good enough to pursue a "win now" strategy even if Gasol is on the team. Overall, the moves made and attempted this offseason aren't encouraging in my opinion.


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