A little boat launch waits to re-open in Victoria

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 3, 2012 - 8:31 AM

A complaint forced Archie Leizinger to close his landing until he gets a $1,500 permit, prompting a debate about fair access.

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FrankLJul. 2, 12 9:59 PM

I hope the guy can get a low cost permit. However, there are also a lot of slob fishermen out there. Biggest source of trash that I pick up along the shore is bait containers. Fish guts and hooks stuck in the wood are a common occurrence.

wngknutJul. 2, 1210:11 PM

It's too bad that a few of the lake residents just can't accept a "public" launch on "their" lake. I hope that the family can get the permit and keep the launch open. If I were them, I would look into donating the land to the DNR once Archie is gone and stipulate that it be made into a public launch. Kudos to those who are donating money for the permit fee!

hnnr03Jul. 2, 1211:26 PM

While the family try's to solve the issue with the permit I would love to see Archie at the boat inspections on Lake Minnetonka. Would give us all a chance to visit a kind person who loves fishing,meeting people and give them lake access. I'm bringing $6.00 and Dr.Pepper just in case he asks.

RandallwwJul. 3, 12 2:54 AM

Sorry Mrs City Council you bought Property ON THE LAKE!! Doesn't mean you OWN the LAKE!! No different then the stupid people that buy a house on a Golf Course and complain about golf balls hitting there house or in their yard, nor the idiots that buy houses in the areas surrounding the MSP INT Airport then complain about the noise. Get a life and quit trying to tell everyone else how to live theirs!! I know where I am sending a couple hundred bucks, maybe even make a trip or two over to fish in front of your dock.

comment229Jul. 3, 12 4:48 AM

OK... so he gets the $1500 permit; what exactly changes? I would suspect nothing. The first thought that crossed my mind was the story about a shoe shine stand a few years ago. I think I see an old dog walking down the street on three legs. Quick, some of you could go down the street and kick it a few times if you hurry.

LiberalOne46Jul. 3, 12 6:26 AM

How does charging the fee prevent zebra mussels? Or make fishermen more considerate? Or eliminate wake boards?

fridaydogJul. 3, 12 6:36 AM

It just goes to show that no matter what, someone will complain.

omgwtfJul. 3, 12 6:41 AM

Please tell me where I can send a donation to help with this fee! I have never been on this lake, but what a cool guy who deserves none of this.

murphydogJul. 3, 12 6:49 AM

Another fine example of lake associations trying to protect their lake.

threein1Jul. 3, 12 6:49 AM

Why does he need a conditional use permit? If the business has been operating since 1933, it likely predates any zoning ordinance, and is a legal nonconforming use.


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